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Default Quantum leap the beginning again part 2

Sam walks through the corridors of quantum leap and it just felt magical to Sam after so many leaps so many lifetimes so many mirror images finally he was home again maybe not his correct place in time and space maybe he was a few years off but to Sam that didn't matter he felt like the universe was finally rewarding him for all the good he has spread across time and he just felt like he was on top of the world.

Sam walks into the control room of the project and runs over to gooshie and with a big smile on his face he had to hug gooshie, gooshie looked really confused and shocked by the whole act by the hug and says

"is everything OK Dr beckett?"

Sam says without thinking

"it's been a very long time"

And gooshie replys

"but we saw you yesterday in a team business meeting"

Sam stoping the hug and says

"of course"

Sam turns to face ziggy and suddenly at that same moment Donna walks into the control room and immediately his memory of her came rushing back to him like rushing water.

He says quietly outloud to himself

"Donna! How could I forget Donna"

He runs to Donna and immediately hugs her taking her off guard and embraces her she feeling really surprised plus loving the attention all at the same time Donna holds onto Sam and says softly to sam

"is everything OK am not dieing am I?"


"are you?"

"of course not so why the hug?"

"just keep hold of me and promise me you will never let go"


Meanwhile back in 1999

Al says to ziggy "why is Dr beckett here at the project in 1995?"

Ziggy replys "admiral time is challenging at a super fast way. Sam making his first ever quantum leap is now being recorded as never occurred and his actions across time is slowly starting to fade"

"but it did happen ziggy Sam has been leaping now for nearly 5 years now."

"admiral I still don't have all the data but I can now compute that Dr beckett has leaped into himself to save himself a 82.3 per cent sure."

Al looking deeply confused saying to himself

"I need to get to Sam"

End of part 2
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