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Default Quantum leap meets batman part 7

2 days later

The joker looks at himself in a glass reflection in the high raise building he was in and laughed at himself looking over the city like a mad man the joker was always like a mad dog and his followers near by wearing clown masks covering there faces holding guns in hand.

And the joker dressed in his usual clothes turns round with a smile on his face and says to his followers

"let's tonight's entertainment begin!"

Laughter filled the room coming from the joker with his usual face paint on his face.

And the laughter was even more crazyer than usual.

For the past two days sam/batman was hiding out in a log cabin and while Sam was in the log cabin the imaging chamber door opened and Al steped into the log cabin the door closing behind him as easy as it opened.

And with unexpected joy on Sam face he calls out

"Al you made it! your back!"

Al not looking so good still wearing his black leather jacket replys

"your counter part this Bruce Wayne in the waiting room isn't a easy man to get hold of"

"but Bruce is back in the waiting room right?"

"sure, sure he is but believe me Sam it wasn't easy to bring him back in. Not easy at all I was lucky he didn't kill me. but I managed to convince him luckily to come back."

"at least his back"

"that's what I throught but I will be alright sam..... a night with a hot nurse in a hot tub with Do the trick and I will be right as rain again back to my old self again in a few days."

Al started to look like he is in a little bit of pain holding his chest in pain.

The handlink flashed with the usual colours he his hands.

And after a few taps on the link and says

"OK Sam in two days all you have to do is face the joker and save the hospital and as soon as you do that you will leap out of here finally. So what is this joker like Al? According to ziggy we are still pulling records from the police department but he is highly dangerous Sam and mad sam, a mad man with a capital M."

" ok"

"but don't worry I will go back and get some more data for you."

He taps the handlink twice and the imaging chamber doors opens and Al steps into the white background again and disappears as fast as he appeared.

2 days later again

The log cabin
Bruce owned was a holiday home in the woods and sam used it to keep out of the way from Alfred but finally after 2 days of rest he was driving back into Gotham City in the batmobile with it racing through the streets then Sam noticed in the sky a different kind of bat signal this time he saw a joker signal in the night sky a large joker face was shining in the night sky with a really mad smile and look on his face and the face would change its smile from how you viewed it from the ground.

Sam pulls down the gear lever in the car and heads to the source of the signal.

Not longer after this Sam runs towards the joker signal high above on a roof top and the joker mad as ever is silently waiting for him looking as crazy as ever.

With Bruce's mind slightly starting to merge with Sams, sam/batman grabs the joker by his shirt and shouts at the joker

"why are you here!"

The joker in aww starts to laugh and replys "now, now bat's that would be telling" he laughs again

"but I am sorry to tell you bat's tonight you must make a choice"

Sam notices the joker has in his hand a ring pull that is connected to a grenade inside his jacket.

Batman let's go of him.

The joker smiles and says

"that's more like it bat's you don't want to ruin this suit before the party starts now do ya? what's up bat's has the cat go your tougne?" laughing again in front of his face.

"isn't laughter the best form of medicine bat's?"

Sam replys with a serious look on his face "what do you want?"

"what do I want? What Do I want?..... That's a good one and I thought my jokes where bad. Oh don't worry bat's tonight the whole night is going to be filled with nothing but rich laughter."

The joker pulls a trigger from a hand device inside his pocket and a near by building blows up in the distance "see bat's that's one of my jokes going off right now its funny isn't it bats lighting up the night sky tonight Gotham city will be dieing of laughter. "
And the joker starts dancing in a sick and twisted sort of way.

Sam looks at him through the mask with anger and Al appears next to Sam and says

"don't worry Sam that building was empty but the hospital is due to go off in 30 mins you need to go there now Sam now"

Sam nods and starts to run away with the joker shouting in the back ground "what's up bat's can't you see the funny side of my comedy? can't take a good joke can you bat's?"

And laughter is heard in the back ground from the twisted clown.

Sam starts heading over to the hospital and suddenly over the cars radio system the joker says

"bat's I am a little shocked you left our date so early I forgot to tell you, you have 10 mins to head over to Gotham docks or commissioner Gordon will die in the most painful way imagineable.... Also if you don't turn up bat's both Gordon and your new lady friend will die blowing up in laughter..... He ends the transmission with sick laughter....

Al appears next to Sam in the car saying "don't worry Sam it's fake both Gordon and the lady friend Bruce had been seeing lately are safe and sound the real target is the hospital that's where batman made the mistake last time he went to try and save them but only found nothing but a box filled with toy teeth and the hospital went up in frames.

"OK Al its good to know"

The batmobile parks up at the hospital and sam gets out and starts running into the hospital without delay dressed like a bat Al appears again in the hallway ahead of Sam and sam says to al

"wheres the bomb Al?"

"OK" looking at the handlink tapping and hitting it as it groans with the colours flashing on and off

"got it! ziggy says the bomb is located in the basement, go, Sam go!"

Sam runs really fast like he has never run before finding a hatch he pulls it up and goes down into the basement of the hospital not too long he finds the bomb counting down

"5:00" minutes left on the clock

Al appears next to Sam and says

"be careful Sam be careful"

"Al how do I disarm this bomb?"

Al taps the handlink again trying to find answers and says " OK cut the green wire now Sam!"

Sam holding a lot of different coloured wires in his hand.

He cuts the wire with a wire cutter he found on his belt and suddenly the clock timer moves even faster counting down


"sorry Sam the blue wire"

He cuts the blue wire in the nick of time and the timer slows right down again

"1:00" left on the clock


"OK Sam now the red wire"

Sam cuts the wire and the timer stops completely at "0:01" left on the clock

"you did it Sam, you did it!"

After the police clean up the scene and take the bomb away.

Sam and al slowly walks out of the hospital with Al in deep thought looking at the hand link and sam looks to his friend and says.

"what happens now Al?"

Al smoking his ciger in the night air creating a few smoke rings and reading from the hand link says

"let's find out shall we....... OK the hospital goes on and saves thousands of more lives the joker gets away again and batman has many, many more encounters with the clown. But Apart from that Sam everything seems and looks rosey as it can be"

Sam looking like batman looks up into the night sky and says to himself in front of Al "am happy Al am ready to go now"

With a bright blue light Sam starts to quantum leap and with a wave of blue light washing over him but as soon as he leaps out he sees a vortex a blue tunnel open up in front of him as he is travelling through time and unable to stop or control himself he travels through the vortex without much choice travelling through time heading for a unknown time and place......

When the light starts to fade away and sam finds himself in his new host body he sees nothing but ice and snow he turns and enters a big white crystal type fortress he walks over into the centre of the place in aww of seeing so much crystal like white beauty he takes one of the near by crystals and places it into one of the crystal slots in front of him suddenly a unseen voice is heard through out the fortress and a man a stranger to Sam suddenly slowly appears like a ghost in front of him displayed on the crystals themselves with white hair starts saying outloud.

"my son the last son of krypton,
kal-El listen carefully my son this people of earth can be a great people kal-el if they want to be but they only lack the light to show them the way and I send them you, my son kal-el the last son and hope of krypton lead them out of the darkness my son so that they may become a great and noble people among the stars. "

Sam looks down at what he is wearing and sees the superman" s" in the centre of his chest and looks at his suit in wonder reliasing he is wearing a superman suit with a long red Cape Sam looks up in a heroic way and starts to slowly lowers himself to the ground and raises up again giving himself a little bit of lift with his arm reaching out a head of him Sam starts to his surprise fly up into the air leaving the fortress behind him and sam says out loud

"oh boy!"

To be continued......

Quantum leap meets superman
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