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Default The sound of al's car in Genesis

I watched QL again for the first time in about eight or ten years, i forgot how much i loved the show!!

I was watching the Pilot episode Genesis and i noticed the sound of Al's car when he's driving down the Highway.

It's the exact same sound as K.I.T.T. from Knight rider!!!!!
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Yup! I've noticed that, too. Also, when Al floors it, they use the Turbo Boost sound effect. They're both Universal shows so I guess to save money they "recycled" sound effects for different shows.
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That is AWESOME! I never thought about it. Very cool!
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They probably did that since it was the pilot. They were probably just trying to get something quick and use a sound they didn't have to pay for.
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I've been meaning to check if anyone else noticed that! I thought of it the first time I saw QL, but none of my peeps are as big fans of both shows and either didn't notice or couldn't care less, but I re-watched the pilot again the other day for the first time in a couple of years and though "I wonder if anyone else has posted about that?" - Should have come to Al's place to check years ago.

Actually, some very good fan fiction "A leap for a knight" (I think by cyberkat, but don't quote me, and incidentally whichever stuff cyberkat did write was amazeballs, hence my remembering the name after all these years) postulates that given KITT's advanced AI, sense of humour and Ego, it only made sense that some of the parts that make up Ziggy were products of Wilton Knight's genius. Her story goes that when Sam Leaps into Michael Knight it causes a temporal disruption leading to the Knight Industries circuitry in use in Ziggy being unavailable so Ziggy doesn't work the same.

Now Universal could, IMHO have made more of this too, as the owners of both properties. I like the "Its an experimental model" Al gives, but it takes a fraction of a sec to add "It's an experimental Knight Industries model" and viola, 2 of the three best shows in the universe are magically transported to the same universe.

In fact I have always considered QL to be part of the KR universe in my own little fantasies.

The other of the 3 best shows ever is Star Trek TNG, in case you were wondering. It is, by any standard I can think of, better by far than Knight Rider, but nothing can ever replace KR in my heart. If I had to watch only 1 show forever though, I would go with TNG, with QL a very, very close second and KR in third solely because of sentimental attachment to it. Sam and AL, Michael and KITT, Picard and Data. There's a theme there.
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