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Default Trying to find Quantum Leap episodes.

Hello everyone! I just managed to leap into this site by random chance and I am loving it.

My name is Joseph, i'm 15, and I am a fellow leper. I started watching it on Sci-Fi back in 6th grade, and was instantly hooked. As soon as I got home I would turn on the TV to watch it. However, shortly after getting hooked, Sci-fi started messing with the program, to the point where it is now, aired about only twice a month.

This is not going to cut it. I need to know everything that happened so I can hopefully understand some parts of it better.

I have managed to download one episode off of kazaa, but have had a hard time finding any more.

Does anyone know of a good spot where I could download the episodes? I heard on one website I could get them off of #ql-cent on Mirc, but I haven't had any luck getting them off there.

Anyway, thanks for any help, and hope to have a good time here. Happy leaping!
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