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Lightbulb Sammy Jo theory!!!!

Hi everyone.... I just had an idea when looking over other ppl's thoughts on this whole age of Sammy Jo thing.. I guess the network will be aiming the new series at a younger demographic, trying to reel in their desired audience while keeping us old schoolers involved... so how about this as a possible idea. In a Trey Callaway interview he said something about anything being possible in the Quantum Leap universe as far as Sammy Jo suiting the Jennifer Garner 'Alias' age group. And this whole thing of Sam meeting Sammy Jo on her school playing field? We've allll figured out that she's going to be 'too old' to cater to the Alias crowd.. So, I think it's plausible that a younger Sammy Jo goes looking for her father. That she gets drafted for the job at an earlier period in her life than where she'd be at 20 years after we lost Sam (this 20 yrs after thing being another term connected to the series) and bought upto the future..
Ok. Maybe a ridiculous idea, maybe not... but a fun one to think about .
I look forward to any comments!
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I had never thought of the corporate sponsor before...good idea with that! Very true...since I don't happen to see many parallel hybrid super computers around.
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I'm resurrecting this post since i wasn't here when it was started, and I wanna contribute.

Talking about the 1/2 sister thing, thats really plausible. In "The Leap Back" where Sam and Al switch and Sam is back in the present, Donna could have had a daughter (named Samantha or something to keep the "Sam Beckett" name going in the movie/show) after her and Sam's night together in that ep. Let me calculate this...Samantha would've been born in June of 2000. If the new movie (which may not happen anymore) is 20-25 years after they lost Sam. The "Samantha" character would fit that Alias demographic. Of course, she would inherit Sam's brains, just as Sammy Jo did, so she could have the same schooling history as her father. She would be the one to develop a new theory of her own to travel in time in order to find her father and bring him home. Samantha from "The Leap Back" would be the new leaper, Al would remain the observer as he did with Sam, and Sammy Jo could replace Gooshie, since we lost Dennis Wolfberg 11 years ago. That's the seemingly perfect scenario in my opinion.

Samantha Beckett <-------yes, I created my name from this idea
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Very very interesting stuff this.
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I like the Idea of a series based on sammy-joe. coz at the end of the trilorgy Al tells Sam that she now works for QL and has an idea on how to get him home (this idea was never realy followed up as far as i know)
I also love the idea of Sam having anouther daughter, Samantha Beckett.
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another sam. my God and we thought after sam beckett got a pulitizer for waiting for godot there would be no other becketts. forgot to tell you being i'm 25.5, i'll be searching for sam, ok? just joking. wish i could sometimes. he's such a sweet guy, too bad he's fictional and second, taken by donna.
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