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Default A proper introduction of myself and a request

Hi leapers!

I?m happy that you find useful my mail. :roflmao

I?m going to do a copy-paste of the mail that i sent to Scifi.com to introduce myself. There is there a request that i will be very grateful to the person that could help me.

" Hi!

I?m a new leaper, as i?ve said in the title. I?m from Spain, where we could watch "Quantum Leap" some years ago. I had no internet at home in Spain, but now that i?m working for a few months in Germany, i thought it was a good idea to have it not only in my job, but also at home. I mean with all this that here i realized how great were things like EMule, because looking for films in Spanish, i tried also to look for that TV series that i liked so much. And i found it!. So i?m really happy to have met with Sam and Al again, remember old dreams, the strength of the show that made you desire to be a better person. That has been fantastic. And besides i?ve discovered a community of persons that call themselves "leapers" and that it?s yet alive. I didn?t know this. I belong to other communities, as "Dark Star" (spanish fan club of Babylon 5) and the literary Spanish Tolkien Society. I?d like to be a "leaper" also, and that?s why i introduce myself in this way.

I?ve read some of the messages of this page, and i liked them... except for those written by "trolls" (je!, it?s funny you call them like this). With these messages i?ve learned some original and colourfull english words like "wanker", but in general i had problems to understand them because it?s impossible to find that words even in on-line dictionaries( "out of senk"?!, "wut"???). Please keep in mind that i also COULD make mistakes while writing, spell or grammar mistakes, because i?m not american or english. Besides, my Microsoft Word is, of course, in spanish.

And here comes what i liked to have: i?m downloading as much episodes as i can of Quantum Leap, but in english; nobody in internet has got spanish episodes of "Quantum Leap" ("A trav?s del tiempo" in spanish). It?s a little difficult for me to understand everything of each episode. I?ve also downloaded the version of "Man of la Mancha" that Scott Bakula sings ("Catch a falling star" is still downloading). I have the whole musical in spanish, with spanish singers i mean. But the version of Scott Bakula is simply lovely. I have it but i can?t understand everythig. Would anybody please help me and write a message with that song written in english?, i know i?m making you to loose your time, but it would be great if you help me. Thank you very much in advance.

I?ve read something about another place in which leapers can meet, something about "Al?s Place". Is this place good?. I?ll try to find it.

Thank you for reading till here. I know this message has been long, sorry!.

See you! Alda "

Could anybody help me?me

To Mike: Danke sch?n!, i know eDonkey, but i meant eMule. I don?t know if eDonkey works as well as eMule, but i use this last one. By the way, there is a new version of eMule: you are in the first positions of a queue not depending on the time you have been waiting, but in the quantity of things you can share with the rest of eMule users. You can download both versions, the second one is good if you have a lot of things to share in your computer. Good luck!

Thanks a lot!. Another vey long message!. I speak too much...

See you Alda
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