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Default A Brand New Domain for Quantum Leap

I have finally taken a "Bold Leap Forward" and acquired a Domain Name for my website - so now "My Word of Quantum Leap" will now be known as "Quantum Leap UK" and can be found at www.quantumleapuk.co.uk

The Site is more interactive than ever (I've learned JavaScript) :hurray (so that's why you haven't seen me much).

I have been able to add more Video Boards (8 so far but will add more after Christmas). Also I have added a few more "new" video clips: I'm Pregnant the only one at the moment but I am open for suggestions.

I hope you will enjoy my site as much as you always have and continue to visit often.

Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year.
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Very snazzy Sue! Great job!:hurray

One little question though... is the Shock Theater board up or is that a "coming soon" link?

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Yes, Shock Theater is up until I change it on January 2nd, tis the current episode (as is being shown in order), all of the others are "requested" episodes.
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Hi Sue

Congratulations on the new domain new for your Quantum Leap website. :O)

Site's looking fantastic.

Leap On!

<a href="http://www.quantumleaping.com" target="_new">www.quantumleaping.com</a>
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I have a slower connection where I am right now Sue, so I'll take a look at the new domain on Thursday night! Congrats on getting it going and I look forward to checking it out soon!
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