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Default BSG trailer shown -- Yes, it's on topic!

On Friday night, just before Stargate came on, they showed the first full-length trailer/commercial for the BSG mini-series. Now, what does this have to do with QL?

Okay, this BSG trailer was shown on August 8 -- almost exactly 4 months before it's premiere date. And since this was the premiere of this trailer, it may be an indicator as to when we'll first begin seeing signs of the QL series next year.

The first lead cast announcement for BSG was made on February 14 of this year. That is approx. 10 months prior to the set date of airing for the premiere.

Thus... if the QL movie/series is set to begin sometime next fall, we may be hearing casting announcements as soon as November of this year. It all depends on when exactly they're planning to air the movie/series.

So, those who are a bit skeptical about when we're actually going to hear something about QL, just hang on a little longer and remember to Accentuate the Positive!

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