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Default **New Scott Chat**

For those who are interested in Scott and Enterprise there's another chat, or two, scheduled. Wouldn't want anyone to miss out again

Following one of our most successful chats ever, Scott Bakula ("Captain Archer") returns to STARTREK.COM on Monday, September 22, to talk about that week's Enterprise episode, "Extinction." And, as an added bonus, Scott comes back again the following Wednesday, October 1, to talk about the new episode scheduled to air that night on UPN, "Rajiin."

Scott's participation in these special chats is a first for STARTREK.COM. As we covered general topics with Scott last time, our upcoming discussions will be focused mainly on the current episode. Mr. Bakula will reveal what he can about the upcoming show, but we're pretty sure he won't mind talking about the previous week's episode too. You can e-mail your questions about the new episode and the third season of Enterprise to: bakulachat@startrek.com.

More about the making of "Extinction" can be found in that episode's Production Report. The transcript of our Sept. 10 chat with Scott is available here.
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Thank you very much Prowler for this advance info on Scott's chats. It is very much appreciated.
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Yes, thank you Prowler. I'm sure many people here would appreciate the info!

And by the way, welcome to the board!
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Welcome, welcome and welcome Prowler!

Thank you for coming and letting us know that another Scott Chat is going to happen. I may not be able to be there, but I can at least send in a few questions about the show. That's really a big help! Thank you so much!

I was the one that raised a big stinky about the whole mess so I really do appreciate anyone coming in and saying what's going on.

Thanks again!

*begins to ponder on her questions for Scott now*


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Welcome, Prowler!

Thanks for the tip on the chat and hope to see you around this board as often as you'd like!
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