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Originally Posted by naggindragon
Damn this crappy computer of mine - it's playing in bits and pieces.

Still looks good though.
Erm, either you're trying to watch it via YouTube or you're using an inferior web browser like MSIE which will try to play the video for you by streaming it into Windows Media Player. Either right click and save target as on the file on the site (if that's where you're downloading it from) or on YouTube just click the stop button and wait for the film to load before hitting play.

Thanks people, anybody else had a look at this yet? Also I got kinda bored the other day whilst putting the finishing touches on this trailer so I took a picture of that guy from angel who's supposed to star in Quantum Retribution and I made a little leap out sequence for him... anyone wanna see it? :P
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I've just got around to seeing the trailer and all I can say is 'THAT LOOKS SOOOO COOL!' It looks really good and I can't wait untill you finish the actual ep!! BTW the effort that must have gone in to that must be astonishing, keep up the good work.
Ummm.... Quantum Leap
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I did save it. It's watching it from the computer, but still only going in bits.

But never mind I get the gist of it lol and it looks great.
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Just watched the trailer it looks great cant wait to see it when your finished
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Sorry it took so very long for me to view this but it's great!!
Is there going to be more? Good job everyone involved!
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