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Default Peril

Don't panic - it is just a movie title.
Actually, it is listed on IMDb as 'Living in Peril' from 1997
The copy I have just has 'Peril' and a different tag-line.
Out shopping in Cambridge the other day and we spotted it in Poundland.
Since it was only a quid, son Bob bought it for me, because our own Dean Stockwell's name was on the cover.
Frankly, he is the best bit of the movie, but then that is hardly surprising!
He plays an a**h**e of an apartment manager, giving Rob Lowe a harder time than he's already having with people out to get him.
A watchable movie, but very predictable.
Not sure whether presence of DS is enough to make me keep it.
Has anyone else seen it? What did you think of it?
My copy is region 2. I would consider passing it on to another DS fan, for just the cost of postage, if anyone is interested. [sadly, being out of work and on verge of being out of a home, I would need to claim postage back rather than just donating.]

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Sounds interesting Helen. I noticed two familiar names on the cast list(so far that is);
Richard Moll (Night Court)
Alex Meneses (Everybody Loves Raymond.)

The latter actor played the part of Stefania Fogonollo, Robert's(Brad Garrett) Italian flame.

~Steve B.
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-Phil Rosenthal (Somebody Feed Phil, Everybody Loves Raymond)
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