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Default I have a guardian angel. His name is Sam.

"Quantum Leap" is the only TV series that had a final episode that did not disappoint me. Instead it shocked me (which always happens when I realize I should have seen something coming), then renewed my faith in mankind. And that's one reason why it's my favorite.

When it was revealed that Dr. Beckett never returned home because he couldn't accept that he was responsible for his leaps, I was astonished! After nearly 5 years of leaping from body to body in the. . .timeline of his lifetime, Dr. Beckett deserved a reprieve from his hercluean labors. But then I started recalling all the times Dr. Beckett told Al that he wasn't ready to leap, that he had something he wanted to do first. And can there be any doubt that he leaped himself in Abigail's life three times in succession (Trilogy, pts I,II,III)? Suddenly, everything fell into place--and I was left with the simple, eloquent moral of the "story," if you will:

Doing the right thing is not always easy. Sometimes, it requires the greatest sacrifices of all. But if you stand for what you believe is right, one man, or woman, can change the world.

I made every leap with Dr. Beckett during QL's original run and I enjoy it today in it's syndication. Now that it's on DVD, I can replace my recorded VHS tapes.

By the QL timeline, Dr. Beckett is in his fifties. No one knows how long his lifespan will be, but I'm certain he is still leaping, setting things right that once went wrong and making little changes to history along the way. Every now and then, things happen to me: a fuzzy memory suddenly becomes different when recalled, lost items suddenly appear, etc. I'll never really know if anything significant has been changed about my life, but I am convinced of one thing:

I (and all of Mankind) have a guardian angel. His name is Sam.

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I've heard that too; I have only checked three episodes before I "got rid of them." By that, I mean, I gave them to my nephew. He's 11 and he really enjoys them. So he's got my collection. Sorry.

The only discrepency I found was an episode in season two DVD that had Sam leaping into the body of Jesse Tyler from the Seaon 1 episode, "THe color of truth." On my VHS tape he leaped into the body of the next episode (I forget which one.)

Anyway, it was nice to finally get all that about QL off my chest. Thanx for reading.

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Originally Posted by asearcher
From what I've heard, the DVD's don't capture everything from the show (music wise especially) so DON'T replace your VHS.

If you do plan on getting rid of them, contact me. Perhaps I could buy them. My son was into wrestling and unbeknownst to me, taped over ALL my episodes for the original run to tape "wrestling matches." I'd like to have a set.

Helen in Colorado
yes, you are right on this asearcher, they do cut out or change music on the dvd's which sux, but not to worry for me because i have all of them the way they aired.

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Wow! I totally agree! I think that maybe in a way Sam might have touched my life and others who have seen the show, I know its not real. I mean its sc-fi! But the escence of Quantum Leap, the bravery, the friendship, and the belife to change what once went worng, is storng enough to live in our hearts and challenge our minds to see just how real it could be..so dose is Sam your guardian angel? Or do you refuse to believe hes still out there?

Sam is my gardien angel,
*Me & Al ~Sweet Dreams, Sweet Dreams~*
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