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Default update from Bex

Hi Guys
I just wanted to touch base with everyone and say hi, I have not been on much last few weeks. As you know I separated from my husband and things have been a little strange, however its all good, kids are happy, I'm happy, even the dog's happy (he gets to sleep on bed with me every night and no one kicks him off) I'm still not sure whether I'm going on the trip still, my son has the chance to go to a special school next year but it cost $6000, if I cancel my trip I can pay for half of it, I'm not cancelling it as yet but will see what happens. Some days I' think I don't want to go anymore and somedays I do, I don't know if I want to come without Hayden (Lighting McQueenie) and he's not sure if he can make it either... everyone start hassling him please about coming!!! I think in the end I'll come but still just wrapping my head around everything thats going on. Anyway I love you guys A LOT!!! Just wanted you to know. Oh and by the way, if you want to cheer me up then send me a birthday card to
Bec Ponton C/- Bullsbrook Post Office Bullsbrook Western Australia 6084. Every year my birthday has been buried under everyone else's birthdays, fathers day etc and this year I want it to be special, just for me and not share it with anyone. If you were all here I'd invite you to a HUGE PARTY!! where we'd end up playing Marissa's QL drinking game.


Oh and don't worry about the address looking a bit lean, I sort the mail at the Bullsbrook post office so I know I'll get it.

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