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Default Quantum leap escape room

This story is still being written and I will upload new parts as soon as I write them. Also please let me know what you think of the story so far and please let me know what you think of the other stories I have written it will be good to hear what other people think about my stories and I hope you are enjoying the stories I am sharing with you all thank you

Part 1

Sam was traveling through time Sam was so used to the process of leaping that he thought he would be leaping from one life time to the next forever.

And as always Sam leaped in and after the blue leap faded away he found himself sat down in a limousine and he was with friends it was a big limousine that had food and drink and everyone was in good spirits.

Sam was with 4 other people and he was the 5 member.

Sarah said

"when will we get there? I can't wait this is so exciting now isn't it"

Jenny was sitting at the opposite end of the car and said

" relax it won't be long."

Sam just listened to everyone paying close attention to them all.

Danny in the group said

"this is very exciting Thank you for setting this up"

"your welcome." Sarah said

The vehicle was being driven to a undisclosed destination. And Sarah who was clearly in charge said to everyone

"OK we are nearly here now everyone needs to put on one of these blind folds on now please"

And she takes the blind folds out of a box and passes each one to every one in the vehicle Sam says


"its all a part of the experience don't worry this will be the best experience you will ever have."

Everyone including Sam started to smile and put the blind folds on and not long after this the vehicle started to park at their destination.

The car stopped and the engine was turned off

The vehicle doors opened everyone left the vehicle one at a time in single file and then everyone as they were following the main organizer started to feel very light headed due to them walking into a room full of gas and everyone started to lose consciousness and they fell onto the floor.

Some time later Sam wakes up to find himself in a small room and he was completely alone their was only one exit and Sam tried the door but it was locked and all around the room was litter with stuff that looked like puzzles to slove and then suddenly Al appears as if out of nowhere and says to Sam with a lot of concern.

"Sam according to ziggy you and your friends are trapped in a escape room challenge and you only have a hour to slove the rooms and get everyone out of here otherwise if you fail according to ziggy in the original history you and your friends are all found dead 25 miles from here and ziggy says you're here to get your friends out alive before the timer hits zero a 86.3 per cent sure.

Sam says to Al "oh boy!"

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Part 2

Sam notices on the wall a red timer that suddenly starts counting down.

"60.00" minutes left it reads

"Al I am definitely going to need your help on this one especially ziggy too OK?"

"don't worry Sam we'll got this covered don't worry I will be with you like glue on this one OK?"

"thanks Al so who am I? And where am I?"

Al taps the handlink and says

"Sam we don't have time for the usual here right now you know time is running away with it self. "

"just talk quickly Al OK"

Al nods and taps on the handlink quickly

"OK it's June 15 1999 and you are only a few months in my past from my point of view and you have leaped into Alex winters and your group of friends have set up a escape room challenge evening but it looks like your group has gone with the wrong organizer as you all end up dead after tonight "

" OK Al and where actually are we? "

Al taps the hand link more trying to find out and reading the display more as it glows red, yellow and green.

" we are still trying to work that out Sam, ziggys best guess is and old warehouse of some kind that is out of the way and that has been set up for this event. 50 per cent sure"

"OK let's try and get out of this room then?"

Al says "that would be a good idea."

Sam found himself in a small room that was only designed for one person and in the room it has secret cameras where the organizer is serectly monitoring every one and at this moment in time he is paying close attention to Alex's room as he has just witness Alex have a full conversation with thin air.

The organizer sat in his leather chair watching with interest paying attention to a lot of security screens which showed all the rooms of the challenge as he was watching these players like rats caught in a trap.

Back in Sam's room he could only see one exit to his right and a sign above it read


And on the walls all around the room had different types of clocks and magazines on the floor directly behind Sam and in front of him their was rows and rows of computer monitors layed all over the floor and stacked on top of each other on the floor directly in front of Sam and nothing much else.

Sam spotted a switch on the wall and as soon as he switches it on and on the opposite wall suddenly a message read on a display screen.

"What is greater than God,
more evil than the devil,
the poor have it,
the rich need it,
and if you eat it, you'll die?"

Sam says to Al any ideas?

"Al thinks about this riddle for a moment repeating it out loud to himself closey for a minute or two and says" I have no idea Sam"

"how about ziggy ask her Al?"

Al taps the handlink and hits it a few times saysing

"come on now ziggy down freeze on me now then the answer appears and al laughs at the answer and says Sam it's a joke riddle say Nothing. Good riddles like this never get old."

Sam repeats what Al said outloud and suddenly on the screen flashes green and a 4 digit code appears


Sam makes a mental note of the numbers.

" Sam! This must be the code for the way out quickly look for a lock or a keypad of some kind. "

Al smokes his cegar and let's out some smoke rings.

Sam nods looking around and not having much luck Sam notices on his left opposite the right door is a grand father clock looking like it's hiding something he pushes the clock to the right and it reveals a door behind a clock piece with a digital keypad.

"that's it Sam quickly enter the code"

Sam hits the code in the door and the door opens.

Both Sam and al says


"how much times left Al?"

Al looks at the timer in the room and it reads

"55:00 minutes left you need to hurry sam Al sets the time on the hand link and just like the timer on the wall it counts down too."

Meanwhile in the security office the observer says to himself

"I don't know how'd his doing it but we have a cheater."

He switches on a device that suddenly glows with a green light.

Back In the room Al starts fading in and out like a ghost.

Sam says "Al I need you!"

And it was too late Al for the time being was gone.

End of part 2

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Part 3

Al now alone in the imaging chamber says outload looking very confused.

"where's Sam? Center me on Sam right now it's very important his life depends on it"

Ziggy says to the admiral

"we can't right now it seems that a signal blocker is blocking our transmission we can't lock on to Sam right now"

Al looking very concerned says

"OK ziggy try as fast as you can do a brain wave transmission rolltation if you have too Sam's only got less than 55 minutes to leap out otherwise it's game over for all of them"

Meanwhile back with Sam with no time to lose he enters the new room to the left and again finds himself all alone but in a room full of puzzles.

Sam says to himself

"I hope there isn't many rooms to slove other wise I am in real trouble he sees no other exit in the new room and in the room he sees on the middle wall a mirror that fill the whole wall and he looks at himself and smiles but again with the race against time he stops smiling at Alex in the looking glass he sees a book case which is full of books and two light lamps on either side which are turned the wrong way of the book shelf one on the left and one on the right a sign just aboves the book case reads.

"in darkness may the lights of truth lead the way"

Sam thinks about this puzzle over and over again and relays

"ah of course"

Sam turns the lights so they are facing upwards at the normal position and they both turn on lighting up the room more and at that same time a book falls of the shelf.

Sam picks up the book and the title of the book makes Sam smile the title reads

"quantum physics"

He opens the door and a piece of paper inside catches his attention

It says

"9, 8, 2"

And nothing else Sam says OK he looks around and seeing nothing else of interest steps back into the original room and the digital display on the wall says another riddle

"Who makes it, has no need of it.
Who buys it, has no use for it.*
Who uses it can neither see nor feel it.*
What is it?"

Sam says to himself "who ever has set this up definitely loves riddles, OK, OK "

Sam thinks over and over again what the answer could be with the timer ticking away it brought him no comfort at all Sam says outloud

"is it a mother in law" trying to be funny

The screen goes red and says to himself again

"OK I was wrong let's think about this logically" he repeats the riddle over and over in his mind

Suddenly the time Sam leaped into a vampire flashes across his mind and something occurs to him he says

"of course a coffin"

The screen goes green

Saying "5,6,2

He puts thoses numbers with the numbers on the piece of paper and a keypad turns around in the wall that wasn't there before for the right door Sam enters the numbers and the door opens.

Sam smiles and runs into the next room.

The timer clocks at

50:00 minutes left

End of part 3
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Part 4

As soon as Sam runs into the room that was label


In the new room Sarah was looking tried and sees Sam in relief and says to sam

"thank goodness Alex I throught everyone had gone and I was the only one left. I tried banging on the door didn't you hear me?"

Sam says

"no so these rooms including the doors must be sound proof."

With no other exit all Sam could see in the room was a vent cover in the corner of the room which is big enough for people to craw into and at the moment the vent is shut and has a pad lock on it.

Sarah says" I didn't know what to do there's no puzzles in this room"

Sam says

" no there's at least one in here and the puzzle is this padlock and it looks like we need yet another code"

She says "OK"

The rest of the room is empty apart from another screen on the wall and looking like the screen was off suddenly the display suddenly flashes on with yet another riddle which says

"What can travel around the world while staying in a corner?"

Sam says to Sarah

"I hope you're good at riddles?"

She looks worried

"OK any ideas Sarah?"

Sarah quietly repeats the riddle over to her self and says

"a plane?"

The screen goes red and the same riddle is back on the screen.

"what does that mean?"

Sam says "it means you where wrong let's try again"

"OK what travels around the world while staying in the corner..... OK?"

"hmmm books?"

The screen goes red

Sarah says

"how about a bike?"

The screen goes red

Sam says ermmm "how about a stamp?"

The screen goes green


A code appears 7,2,1

Sarah says "well done Alex"

Sam smiles

Sam makes a mental note of the numbers

And another riddle appears on the screen

"OK next one"

Sarah reads the riddle out loud

"I'm tall when I'm young and I'm short when I'm old. What am I?"

Sarah says "I'll try this one is it a tree?"

The screen goes red

Sam says quickly "a drawf?"

The screen goes red


The screen goes red

"a old man?"

The screen goes red

Sarah says " it's a shame we can't ask for a hint?"

Sam says "try it?"

"a hint?"

The screen goes red

" I take that as a no then..... OK ermmm a flower?"

The screen goes red

Sam suddenly has a unexpected idea

"is it a candle?"

The screen goes green

Sarah says "your good at this"

On the screen shows more numbers


Sam puts all of the numbers together and the screen switches off and Sam goes to the pad Lock and puts the codes into the lock and it opens in his hands and opens the vent both Sam and Sarah leaves the room by crawling into the vent.

"35:00 minutes left on the clock"

End of part 4
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Part 5

Al tapping the handlink and says to ziggy

"any luck yet ziggy?"

"yes I am doing a brain wave rolltation as you suggested admiral and I now have a lock for you, but please be aware admiral if the person who is using the single blocker changes the single we will be back to square one"

"OK am going in ziggy"

Al runs up the ramp and the imaging chamber door opens and he runs into the room and the door closes behind him.

Sam could hear the imaging chamber door open and close again but at first Sam could only see Al's chest and legs due to Sam and Sarah being in the vent after a few taps on the hand link Al lowers himself and can now see Sam on his level even tho his legs are going through the vent corridor.

Sam says "Al!"

Sarah says "who?"

Sam replys "yeah it's just Al my friend that lives near me I was just reminded of him right now that's all don't worry about it"

"OK?" Sarah says looking confused

Al quickly replies

"Sam what ever you do please don't react to me, pretend am not here"

Sam trying to not look at Al and looking straight ahead says


"its because who ever is running this freak show is monitoring your progress and he is using a transmission blocker to stop me from being with you so Sam it's important that you try and talk to me in code OK"

Sam nods looking not pleased with the whole situation.

Suddenly as Sam and Sarah are clawing up the vent tunnel she sees Laser beams blocking their way forward.

Al taps the handlink and says

"stop! Sam what ever you do don't break the light beams."

Sam hitting his head on the tunnel in surprise of als warning says

"thanks Al"

Rubbing his head after hitting himself on the tunnel ceiling. Near the light beams a computer display built into the tunnel wall flashes on a monitor screen and another riddle appears on the screen.

Sam sees the screen and says

"Sarah what ever you do don't break the light beams we have another riddle to slove. Also when we find this guy who is running this show I am going to call him the riddler."

Sarah says "OK"

A automated voice says "warning with this challenge you only have 3 lives if you get all 3 riddles wrong then the tunnel will be filled with a gas that will kill you so make sure you are correct when answering now answer the riddle the riddle says on the screen being displayed.

Al says" be careful sam"

" What has hands but can not clap?"

Sarah says "any ideas Alex?"

Sam says to himself "OK just seeing if Al knows?"

He binks a lot.

Al taps the hand link and the device flashes yellow, red, green

"say a clock Sam"

"a clock?"

The screen goes green and a key comes out of a tray underneath the screen like they have just won a prize from a arcade machine.

Sam takes the blue key and another riddle appears on the screen.

"You can drop me from the tallest building and I'll be fine, but if you drop me in water I die. What am I?"

Sam blinks at Al

Al says am working on it and taps like mad on the hand link OK ziggy says paper sam"


The screen goes green and another key comes out of the machine a red key this time.

Sarah says back at Sam "your very good at this Alex how are you doing this?"

Sam says "you can't beat my invisible friend Al"

And the final riddle appears on the screen

"What has an eye but can not see?"

Sam blinks at Al again

He taps the handlink it goans and he says OK say "needle"

"needle" the screen goes green and a black key comes out of the machine the Lazer beams disappear and

Al says "you did it you can move safely through the tunnel"

But meanwhile in the security office the Manager looking at the screen and not looking too pleased says

"oh no you don't cheaters will not pass"

He hits a red button in front of him and increases the signal blocker device.

Suddenly back in the tunnel the Lazer beams comes back on and

Sarah looking confused says

"what's going on?"

Al starts to fade and says to sam

"hang in there" and he disappears and the screen displays a new sentence saying "cheaters will not pass"

And another riddle appears on the screen.

Sarah saying "we didn't cheat? Let us through?" in protest

Suddenly the timer appears next to the riddle on the screen and the time speeds up a little and the remaining time left now is.

"25:00" minutes left

Sam says "it's OK let's just slove the riddles as quickly as we can"

The riddle says "What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?"

Sam says OK and repeats the riddle over to himself and says "OK let's try and think about this logically."

He says "sand"

The screen goes red and a automated voice says "2 lives remaining"

"OK that's not it OK come on what is it.... Is it a towel"

The screen goes green and Sam shows a sign of relief the second riddle appears on the screen

"What kind of tree can you carry in your hand?"

Sarah says "I have no idea any ideas Alex"

"am just thinking it through now OK.... OK"

Sam says "erm how about is it bark?"

The screen goes red and a automated voice says "1 life remaining"

Sarah says "what ever you do don't get this next riddle wrong OK?"

Sam says "am trying OK how about is it palm?"

The screen goes green and the final riddle appears on the screen

"There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?"

Sam reads this to himself and says

"oh boy!"

Sarah hears and says "what do you mean oh boy!"

"don't worry am working on it"

Sam thinks about what the answer could be and he says not sure of himself


Sam closes his eyes expenting the gas to be released and the screen goes green and the Lazer beams turn off

Sarah says "I don't know how you did it Alex but you sloved it"

Sam opens his eyes looking really relieved and both Sarah and Sam follow the tunnel out into another room Sam puts the keys in his jacket pocket.

End of part 5
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Part 6

Sam and Sarah find their way out of the tunnel of the vent system and as they enter the next room picking themselves up from the floor.

They find themselves in a medium size room and in front of them is 3 cell looking doors and all on each door has a different friend picturenon each door and underneath each picture the doors are colored coded. With a different color.

Sam says out loud talking to himself

"how many rooms are there in this place?"

Sarah agrees with Sam and says

"let's just try and find our way out of here as quickly as we can"

Sam nods and suddenly another monitor screen on a near by wall switches on automatically and suddenly shows how much time they have left the timer reads

"15:00" minutes left

Sam says with confidence

"we don't have much time let's solve this"

Sarah loving the new confidence in Alex just keeps an eye on the situation as Sam trys to solve the situation.

Sam takes all the keys out of his pocket he had just won while he was in the air vent system out of his jacket pocket and he match's the right color key with the correct colored door and as he opens each door.

Sam finds the rest of the members of the group each door being a single persons cell for each member of the group.

The last three friends are so relieved to be free from their dark entrapment from being trapped inside the maze and Sam and Sarah hugs the friends reassuring them that they are finally free.

Sam discovers in cell number 2 the middle cell it has a hidden back door he trys the door but it is firmly locked.

As he wonders how to open the last door another riddle appears on the monitor screen in front of them

With the timer now saying

"5:00" minutes left on the clock Sam knew he had to slove this one fast.

The riddle read

"What room do ghosts avoid?"

After reading the riddle Sam smiled to himself and said outloud.

"the living room"

The screen glows green and the door unlocks itself Sam says to everyone

"go through the door now!"

Every one runs through the door and to every ones relief as soon as they all leave the room they all find themselves outside of a factory building.

Al's reappears and Sam says to him feeling overwhelmed with relief

"AL! your back!"

Al smiles and says "the single blocker doesn't affect me out side you did it buddy plus too we found your location this is a old abandoned factory that has been converted into the escape room challenge on the outskirts of New Mexico Wo Sam this place is actually their the project. "

Al taps the handlink more the device flashing more red, yellow and green.

"you're changed history Sam all your friends survive this all deal and you all agree to not set up another escape room challenge again and you all live happy normal lives."

Sam says " that's good to hear"

Sam still wondering why he hasn't leaped says to al

"OK if everythings good now why am I not leaping out right about now?"

Al repliing

"that's a good question let's ask ziggy"

He taps the hand link and it goans and al reads with interest says to Sam as the information is displayed.

"ziggy says you're only got one more thing to do you need to report what's happened to your group to the police and get the organizer arrested."

Sam nods the whole group stay in the car park area of the abandoned factory and Sam crosses the street and uses the near by pay phone he calls the police and after a few hours the police arrest the organizer and as Sam and his group is driven back home by the police Al looking like he is sat next to Sam in the car reads from the hand link

"that's it the Manager in charge of this whole ordeal is found guilty and is sent to prison for the rest of his life"

Sam looks out of the passager window of the police car as he watches the scenery going by in that moment a wash of blue light covers his whole body and Sam quantum leaps into time.

When the light fades away Sam finds himself sat down and tried to a chair and looking like Sam had been badly beaten up two guys in front of him looking like they mean business one of the guys says to him.

"and we won't ask you again where is the money you owe to my client?"

Sam looking completely confused replys to them.

"what money? I have no idea about any money"

The man in front of him says "we are not going to accept your lies again" they look at each other shaking their heads and at that moment one of them takes out a gun from his jacket pocket, aims the gun at Sam and let's out a few rounds.

Sam falls back in his chair and he hits the ground and before falling into unconscious he says "oh boy!"

And Sam falls into unconsciousness and death claims

Dr Sam beckett

To be continued...........
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