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Default Christmas Poem: A Visit From Sam

A Visit From Sam

Adapted by Helen in Colorado from
A Visit from Santa Clause by Clement C. Moore

Twas the night before Christmas

Where Sam leaped again

Into another life where

he?d have to pretend

He saw stocking?s were hung

by the chimney with care

And wondered what job he had

Why he was there.

Sam found children nestled

and snug in their bed

And prayed no one?d be hurt

That he?d save them instead

His ?wife? was sleeping,

so he looked around

To learn of their lives

From what could be found

He checked in "his" wallet,

His name it was Mike

Then the imaging door opened

Al said ?Where?s the bike??

Sam looked at him staring

Won?dring ?What could Al mean??

Then Al hit the handlink

And set the whole scene

?Sam, you?re to make sure

The brakes will work right

On the kid?s new bicycle

Make sure they are tight.

'Cause the story will be

If you don?t do your par,

The kid will get hit

And be killed by a car.?

Sam looked determined

To save that small boy

And he found the bike box

To his infinite joy.

He took out the pieces

And set right to his work

In no time he was finished

Gave the wrench a final jerk.

He expected to leap out

Right then and right there

But it wasn?t happening

So he sat in the chair.

?So Al, is it Christmas

There like it's here??

And he looked down a moment

To his eyes came a tear

Al told him ?No summer,

It a hot one today?

Then Sam looked up,

a request he did say.

?Al, please do me a favor

This year just for me.

I?d like to leave presents

Under the tree.

For my wife and my children

And my granddaughter too

I don?t know when I?ll be home

So I?m asking you

For Donna, a locket

?My Dulcinea? it should say

?Tu Amor es mi Corazon*

From your Sam, faraway."

For Stephen, a book

Make it Lord of the Rings

At his age he?d like storys

Of wizards and kings.

To my office you?ll go

For Sammie Jo?s gift

Give my copy of Brigadoon

Third shelf...or the fifth.

For Isabella, a stuffed bear

That?s appropriate for age

For the rest of the project,

I?ll let you be the gauge.?

Al nodded and promised

He?d do all he could

And he swore to his friend

They?d be wrapped as they should

Then Sam wondered again

If he would soon leap

But he was so tired

He decided to sleep.

Al left him that way

Cuddled up in the Chair

And went back to the control room

The list to prepare

When Sam woke again

He was surprised then to see

He was still sitting there

Beside that bright tree.

In his hand was a note

From a Bartender named Al

He couldn?t take with him

But he could read now

It said ?Thank you, Sam

For all that you do.

I know home?s what you want

And I want that for you.

But ?til then here?s my message

'Cause I need you to know

?Merry Christmas, my friend Sam?

For you?re soon to go"

Then to the fireplace

The note took it?s flight

And burned in the flames there

As Sam leaped out of Sight.

*Your Love is my heart

Merry Christmas to everyone at
Al's Place

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That was darling! Thanks for posting it! (I also had to giggle over the choice of LotR for Stephen, given that "wee Lij" has been "cast" in the "role")
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Helen, That was absoulutely excellent. I loved it. Good job
. Quoth the Raven, Nevermore
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Thumbs up

That was wonderful, Helen!

Santa Sam got it spot on, naturally. Well done.

Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.(Leo Buscaglia) Helen in Bedford
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Wonderful! And very creative... loved it!

Brian Greene
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Oh Helen, that was awesome!! That was so sweet, I loved it!

Samantha Beckett
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