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Default Quantum leap flat line

Part 1

As Sam was leaping he was surrounded in blue light and for this moment he knew who he was his memory was resorted he said out loud to himself

"I am Dr Sam Beckett and I have invented the ability to travel through time the ability to leap into others and become other people the year is 1999

And it's new Mexico and my wife....."

For a moment he stop talking to himself as he has just discovered a serect about himself..... Am married?

Yes I am and her name is......

Suddenly he felt the leap in process start to begin he said out loud in desperation

" no I need more time I can't lose this memory."

But it was way to late Sam started to leap into his next host.....

When the blue light fades away Sam found himself under a sheet.

Suddenly Al says to sam

"Sam what ever you do don't move buddy!"

Sam says looking a little confused


Al quickly taps the hand link and is wearing his classic silver jacket and says

" it because five minutes ago Sam the person you have just leaped into is dead."

Sam says to himself

"oh boy!"

With the heart monitor showing a flat line reading on the screen.

Doctors and nurses come in and out of the room and as soon as the room is empty.

Sam still laying down on the bed in the hospital room says to Al.

"what do I do Al?"

"play dead for now Sam me and Ziggy and on to this" Al tapping the hand link like mad and says

"OK Sam your leaped into Mark Harris and your dead and its 23 of September 1970."

"And why am I here Al?"

"Sam remember the quantum leap rules still apply on this one you need to play dead."

"and we don't know yet Ziggy still needs to run the program."

AL taps the handlink as it flashes in his hand and the imaging chamber door opens he steps into the door way and says to Sam.

"hang in there Sam I'll have you out of here in no time"

The door closes and Al is gone.

End of part 1
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