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Default Travellers: Team Quantum Leap?

Ok, I'm sure I am not the only mad-keen QL fan to have stumbled upon Netflix new SF series "Travellers".

In Travellers, a team of time travellers from the far future leap... sorry, "travel" back to 2016 to put right what once went wrong and prevent the rise of the dystopian freakshow they grew up in.

There is so much to love about this show, I won't lie, I'm really digging it, but there are so many influences from Quantum Leap....

That being said, for anyone who hasn't seen season one, go binge and come back before you read on please cos : SPOILERS, Sweetie.

So the team is guided by a big *** parallel hybrid quantum fram computer called zi.. The Director. Said Director has a pan for how to put right all the bits and pieces that went wrong. Future society appears to put all their faith in the director and his grand plan to un-f--k the future.

Instead of one leap.. Traveller there are like heaps of teams of upto 5 or 6 people, a medic (like Sam) a historian (like Sam) a fighter (like Sam) a wise older dude who has way heaps of life experience (like Al) and is ***-kicking in a fight too (like both our QL heroes) and all appear to have very high IQ's.

TO me, its a worthy QL successor and it seems to remove all the GFTW malarky that never sat too well with me.

Their information ion the past is detailed but imperfect, their choices are very human and their worries are very relatable.

Anbody else McLovin it?
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I'll have to check it out - I wonder if it's on Netflix here in the Merry Old Land of Oz?
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Default Travellers is on Oz netflix

Yes, Lightning, I too am an Aussie, and have viewed this gem on Netflix via the telstraTV app
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I don't subscribe to any online streaming services. Sometimes I wish I did. Guess I'll wait for the DVD set.
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