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Default Swiss Cheese

Article 204:
Donna & JAG

Date: 09/24/1999
From: MGObs

I have two questions: (1) Dr. Becket seems to remember more and more as he continues to leap. Why doesn't he remember that he's married to Donna until "The Leap Back," and then forgets after the next leap? (2) Has anyone else read or heard about a JAG episode with a Quantum Leap? It was posted in an earlier article ("News")? I'm curious about this.

Thank you,

Reply 1:
His mind gets "swiss-cheesed"

Date: 09/24/1999
From: dellyone

so he doesn't remember and Donna tells Al not to tell him.

Reply 2:
Thanks for the reply
Date: 09/27/1999
From: MGObs

OK, that's as good an explanation as anything I can think of.

Reply 3:
An answer to my question

Date: 09/29/1999
From: MGObs

My question has been bugging me. And, since this is such a busy bulletin board, no one will probably notice my suggestion but I'll put it out there anyhow. In the case of Donna, I don't think it's swiss cheese memory entirely. The first time that Sam leapt, he wasn't married to Donna or anyone else. Perhaps this is why he felt so free to take the risk of leaping - no wife or children. Sam's marriage to Donna didn't occur until he arranged for Donna and her father to meet/talk. Later, Donna marries Sam and joins PQL instead of the Star Bright Project (whatever that is).

Is it possible that Sam has no memory of being married to Donna because he wasn't married to her prior to leaping and has not experienced being married to her since he was leaping before and after he changed Donna's history?

Television shows that make you think - what a concept!!


Reply 4:
I think it's like this...

Date: 10/01/1999
From: CVMartin1

If you read the serial novels or catch an old interview in your library archives, you'll catch references regarding AL, Ziggy, and Sam as being the only three entities on the planet with a complete sense of the duality of time. Every time Sam changes history, the new version "downloads" into Al's mind; however, as he is directly fused to the center of the time disturbance (Sam), he also retains his memory of the "old" history. This phenomenon can be witnessed in a Season One episode in which Al witnesses a government offical transform from a man to a woman due to an occurence in Sam's then-current Leap. Of all the people in attendance, he is the only one to notice the switch and remember the alternate history (Remember his expression when the credits show, "Starring Dean Stockwell?" That's his reaction to the phenomenon.) I bring this up because it explains how Sam also could remember both realities if he were to leap home. Watch the Leap Back again. As soon as he gets his memory back in the observing room, his first thoughts are of Donna. He shoots an accusatory "Why didn't you tell me" to Al with no provocation on his friend's part. I think the only reason Sam can't recall his marriage to Donna is the often referred to "Swiss Cheese Effect" that causes partial amnesia during leaps. If you want to expound on that, however, it's easy to imagine this-God or Time or Whatever is directly blocking that portion of his memory in order to grant him bolder risk-taking ability during leaps.
R5:Oops......A little addendum

Date: 10/01/1999
From: CVMartin1

Starbright was the precursor project to Quantum Leap, as well as the arena in which Sam first met both Al and Donna. Its existence remains in the post leap reality.
I have no idea about the JAG bit. Sorry.
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