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I like the thought that times he can accept that he is controloing his leaps and at times he can't. Very interesting
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Originally Posted by Al's Handlink
I like the thought that times he can accept that he is controloing his leaps and at times he can't. Very interesting
It's like the swiss cheese effect affected his remembering that he can control it. That's a really inconvienient side effect...

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Here's something interesting I just found from an old QL novel by Melanie Rawn called "Knights of the Morningstar". It is from the prologue at the end and is i think supposed to be the subconcious conversation between GFTW (in italics) and Sam in the time between leaps:

I quote: "It was the heart/mind dichotomy: what he knew versus what he knew.

It can be described in those terms. When you know with the totality of your being that what you do is yours to choose-
Then he could go home?

if you allow it of yourself.
He still didn't understand.

The "White Knight" Image appeals to you.
Well...yes, he had to admit to that. Al called it his Boy Scout Complex.

Put another way, it is easier for you to be needed than to need, To hope that you are right, rather than to fear that you are wrong. that is your great strength. It is also your great flaw.
But he couldn't change the way he was made. he couldn't stop wanting to help-any more than he could stop wanting to go home.

One day you will. When you believe that choosing to go home is not selfish but selfless. When you know that you are needed at least as much as you need. When you believe your worth as yourself is at least as great as your woeth as other people.

When something went wrong in his own life he had to put right? When the life he saved might be his own?..."

This is an interesting take by Ms Rawn and i think follows my earlier thoughts and also the comments made about Donna. If Sam realised he was needed enough he would indeed return home.

Food for thought anyroad. I've had a few too many ciders and am hitting the sack. Night all.
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