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Question What would happen......?

Hello all.. Just dropping a quick question for consideration, i don't know if it's been commented on elsewhere here at the forum in the past..

But a few years ago (many years actually), i was seriously considering trying to write a Quantum Leap book that might finally return Sam home from his long and turmulous voyage. I had a few ideas for how this might 'realistically' be accomplished in the fictional/Sci-Fi world of Quantum Leap..

One of my theories, and my questions involves this..

What if Sam were to form an alignment with 'himself' from other versions who were in the same area that have leaped into different people from the same time period, the same dates..? In other words, Sam has made hundreds, maybe thousands of Leaps over all the years.. What if Al, and Gucci, with the help of Ziggy and all the many researchers at the project, calculated a way that if "X" amount of Sams were to meet at a specific time in a specific location, during the same time period, and these multi-Sams were to reach all of the proper variables and criteria for time/spatial alignment, a Quantum flux, or reverberation might echo back to the imaging chamber, or could possibly be TUNED to a specific frequency of harmonics with the technology at the New Mexico research facility, and pull this combined 'Sam' back through the chamber.. (A return of "unified Sams" might also fix his "swiss cheese" memory problems..)

Of course there could be many possible repercussions to this, and it would be hard to solve all the paradoxes that might be created from a situation like this.. But there is also a lot of potential to solve, or evolve upon the Quantum Leap story-line...

I've just always been curious of the idea of multiple Sam's inhabiting the same time period during different Leaps, and meeting each other under the choreography of AL and the Quantum Leap project. I've wondered if somewhere within this enigma might be the key to returning Dr. Beckett to his true home...

Of course, one of the dillemmas would probably end up being that by doing this, it will erase so much of the good work that Sam has accomplished during his Leaps, and he would decide not to return.. (Or, for instance, what if Sam returned home with not only the full memory recovery of who he was before the Leaps, but the consciousness and memory of all the people who he had leaped into as well? In other words, he'd transformed into an almost "God-Like" intellect and consciousness, giving him psychic abilities and unparalleled knowledge of the world. And perhaps he would conclude that he HAD to keep leaping, because there was really no place for him in the future, but he was still needed in the past. Only, this time upon his return to leaping, he would no longer be tied to AL and the Quantum Leap project, but would already KNOW what it was he was supposed to do and how to do it, and what would happen if he didn't.. In other words, he would start the Leaps over again from the beginning basically, but it would be different in the fact that he already remembered it all, and knew what needed to be done.)

Another thing that really starts the quantum intanglement is how the FUTURE has been changed by all the things Sam has done in the past.. They hardly ever addressed that issue, of how the world is different from before Sam started Leaping to afterward...

Anyway, just wanted to share this question, and see what some of you thought.. Any ideas on how Sam could finally return home in a theoretical science kind of way that might fit into the Quantum Leap universe....?
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