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Default Quiz answers

[I've split the answers from the questions in case anybody wants to have a go!} Helen

Article 324 Quiz Answers:
Date: 11/11/1999
From: Captain_Tuvok
Date: 10/31/99
From: Captain_Tuvok

1. What do the episodes "Genisis" and "The Leap Back" have in comman?
In both episodes, the name of the person being leapt into was Tom.
2. What was the name of the retarded kid that Sam leapt into? (First and Last name)
Jimmy LaMotta
3. What two episodes featured this person?
Jimmy, Deliver Us From Evil
4. What three episodes had the evil leaper.
Deliver Us From Evil, Return, Revenge
5. In what episode did Al want Sam to fix a part of Al's life, and why?
M.I.A. Al wanted to change history so that his first wife, Beth, would wait for him to come back and not remarry.
6. In "Double Identity" what was Don Gino's last name? Frankie's last name?
Don Gino Franscotti, Frankie LaPalma
7. In what other episode did Sam leap into someone involved in the Mafia?
Her Charm
8. What was unusual about the episode "The Wrong Stuff"?
Sam leaps into a chimp.
9. How did Sam manage to leap at the end of "Disco Inferno"?
Watching a news report of President Ford, Sam bet that Ford would trip at the end of the stairs, with Chris's future as the payoff.
10. In "The @#%$" Why did Sam suspect the Sherrif of killing the old lady in the kitchen?
Sam saw a match-stick near the old woman, The Sherrif was always chewing on a match-stick.
11. According to "A Leap For Lisa" What year was Al born?
1934. The episode took place in 1957 and Al said he was 23.
12. What is Al's last name?
13. How did Al communicate to Sam in "Star Crossed?" (What kind of code?)
Al wore an apron printed with Hiroglyphics.
14. What was the name of Sam's wife?
Donna Elese (Fiance in Star Crossed - wife in The Leap Back)
15. In the episode "What Price Gloria" what was Ziggy's
'Fascinating theory' about why Sam didn't leap at the end? How did fix THAT problem to let himself leap?
Ziggy thought Sam wanted revenge on Buddy for chasing Sam around the office. Sam told Buddy that he was really a man.
16. What kind of music did Al like to dance to?
Al likes to dance to Disco Music.
17. When Sam leapt into Charlie MacKenzie, what was the name of his Japanese wife?
18. What were the names of the two people who confronted Sam in the diner in "The Color Of Truth"?
Billy Joe and Toad Sam was Jesse Tylor.
19. In the episode "The Leap Back" what was the name of the star that Sam said was 54 light-years away? And what was the name of the star his wife asked Ziggy to find at the end of the episode?
Sam chose the star Magrez because it was born in 1945, the year Al was in. Donna's star was Talitha, born in 1956, the year Sam leapt to.
20. Who was the last person Sam helped in "Double Identity" before he leapt out? How?
He helped a woman, a relative of Don Gino, win at Bingo.
And the Final Question is -----
Dean Stockwell, who played Al, was in a movie based on a short story written by an author who was on an episode of Quantum Leap. (Not the real author, but someone played this author.) Who was the author and what movie?
Stephen King's The Langoliers.
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