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Default Quantum leap in the eye of the storm

This episode occurrs in season 5 of quantum leap some where before "mirror image"

Leap date:- June 22 1996

Part 1

Sam was traveling through time and he could feel God, time or fate was bouncing him around in time. And in that moment he wondered where he would end up next.

As Sam was a about to land he could feel the leap was a lot more rougher this time around feeling like he was a pinball ball bouncing around a pinball machine it felt like he was approaching a storm, storm clouds were everywhere the pitch blackness of the storm shocked him and Sam closed his eyes and in that moment.

Sam was starting to quantum leap into his next host.

And in that same moment where he was joining his next host and Sam was leaping into his body standing in the middle of a field with out warning the heavens opened with a bright flash of light and then a lightning bolt hit Sam and hit him hard and both Sam and the new person he was trying to leap into was both covered in quantum leap energy and Sam split apart from him and in a blast of bright blue light the quantum leap energy went wrong and electrical energy passed through both Sam and the stranger and like sam was sitting in a electric chair it took him out and Sam fell into unconscious....

After the quantum leap energy faded away Sam hits the ground and smoke gently raises from his body.

But suddenly the man Sam was trying to leap into was still standing and says to himself

"what's just happened?"

feeling like he had been touched by the hand of the almighty.
he walks over to Sam and says.

"are you OK buddy?"

Feeling and hoping he wasn't dead.

He keep saying

"are you OK buddy?"

Sam feeling like death warmed up and dressed totally in white slowly opens his eyes and picks himself up and says to the stranger.

" where am I?" Sam trying to nurse the worst headache he has ever had in his entire life.

The stranger trys to reassure Sam but his hand goes through Sam's arm like a ghost and in that moment both of them says together...

"oh boy?"

Meanwhile in project quantum leap

Ziggy was finding it hard to lock onto Sam brainwaves in the imaging chamber.

Al taps the hand link and says to Ziggy

"is everything OK Ziggy?"

Ziggy replys

"admiral I am encountering great difficulty locking onto sam in the imaging chamber"


"I am picking up a lot of electric interference where Sam is located"

"and where is Sam located then?"

"am, am, am....... Not sureeeeee, admiral.... Admiral"

Ziggys voice goes wrong and it dies away the blue ball fades away leaving Ziggy looking that just for the mean time she was gone leaving a dark blue ball above them.

Looking concerned

Al says "Ziggy, Ziggy?"

Al turns to gooshie and says

"can you find Sam?"

And gooshie says to Al

"am not sure if we can"

End of part 1

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Part 2

With Ziggy off line for the time being Al runs down the corridor and heads for the waiting room after a few taps on the hand link Al runs into the room.

As the door closes behind him in the blue room Al sees Sam on the floor not moving from one angle Sam looked like a goner as good as dead.

Al runs over to him and checks his pulse and then he taps into the hand link and says out loud

"Dr beeks to the waiting room we have an emergency!"

When Dr beeks arrives and both Al and the Dr lays Sam's body on top of the table inside the waiting room Al says to Dr beeks

"is Sam OK?"

Dr beeks replies "actually Sam is fine his body anyway he is actually alive"

"so is Sam in a coma?"

Dr beeks shakes her head and says

"what you are looking at Al is Sam without a soul"

"without a soul?"

"yes who ever Dr beckett was trying to leap into in time this time on this leap it looks like to me that Sam has failed to exchange places in time with that person all Sam is now is just a empty shell I will monitor him while he is like this but I would advise trying to leap Sam out as soon as possible "

Al says looking concerned

" I will see what I can do"

Sam looking at himself in wonder says

"I can't be, I just can't be?"

"your like a ghost it's best that we try and get out of this storm"

The storm above then starts ranging on and lightning appears in the heavens all over.

"agreed do you have a car near by?"

"yes it's not too far let's go"

"why are you here anyway?"

"its because I am a storm chaser"

Both the storm chaser and Sam run to his nearby car Sam enters the car going through the vehicle like a ghost and the stranger opens the drivers door, sits in the driver's sit and starts the engine and he pulls the car away and out and starts driving away from the storm....

End of part 2
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Part 3

While Sam was in the passenger seat and the stranger was driving the car trying to get away from the storm outside the stranger says to Sam.

"so who are you then buddy?"

Sam was taken a back a little bit every where he went to in time he had never come across a situation before where he was him and had to explain himself to someone in a weird way Sam like the idea so he started to say.

"am Sam, Sam Beckett and you are?"

"James greenwood"

"Well it's good to meet you James"

"so why are you here? and out in the middle of no where? plus your a ghost are you dead buddy? Where's your body?"

"no am not dead not really just misplaced sort of and how come your not afraid of me? If I was a ghost?"

James smiles to himself in the rear view mirror

"actually I am a part time ghost buster too been wanting and hoping to meet a real ghost in like forever really"

"I see"

"so why are you here Sam?"

"not sure I am still waiting for my friend he's called Al, he normally tells me why am he"

"oh I see so what's your story then buddy?"

Sam signs and says

"its a very long story I don't really want to go over it now but you must have been the person I was supposed of leaped into"

"leaped into?" James says looking really confused.

"yes I exchange places with people in time"

"really what for?"

"normally it's to correct a mistake in time"

"Sam I think the time has come for you to spill the beans and tell me your story"

"you won't believe me"

"try me Sam"


Sam gives him a brief version of what's happened to him for the past 5 years and James with a little unbelieving eyes says

"that's a wild story Sam"

"I know I told you, you wouldn't believe me"

Then suddenly James clocks a hurricane in his car side mirror coming directly for them.

James says to sam

"hold onto your self we have big problems let's get out of here as quickly as we can"

James puts his foot down and the car speeds down the road like it's running away from the devil.

Meanwhile back at the project

Al says to gooshie

"have you worked out what's wrong with Ziggy yet?"

"not yet before Ziggy went offline she sealed the imaging chamber as she picked up a possible failure of one of the rings surrounding the imaging chamber"

"what made Ziggy think that one of the rings may have failed?"

"her systems picked up a bolt of lightning"

"OK gooshie double check those readings it's possible it's another false reading like the time me and Sam leaped together remember"

"yes of course I will thank you admiral"

"let's focus on bringing Ziggy back online as quickly as we can if we need to go around the clock and through the night then let's do it people"

Everyone nods and they start to look inside Ziggy's systems and investigating her motherboards.

And Al looking at the imaging chamber and says outloud as if he is talking to sam.

"hang in there buddy I am on my way"

End of part 3

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Part 4

James trying as hard as he can to get as fast away from the storm as possible.

The hurricane starts to shake the car and is getting very close to the back of the car nearly hitting the car and the hurricane like a big monster destroys everything in its wake.

And Sam says to him.

"how often do you do this? chase storms?"

"a lot its just another day in the office for me really" grinning to himself in the rear view mirror and he changes gear as soon as he sees the road turning left he turns the wheel quickly to the left and they start driving down another very long road back into the city away from the hurricane.

Both James and Sam give a sign of relief.

Suddenly Al appears outside the car just floating in mid air next to James car window and James clocks him straight away and says.

"who the hell are you?"

Al looking really shocked says

"you can see me? Am definitely going to work on blondes next"

"of course what are you? Are you another ghost like Sam?"

Al looking concerned

"where is Sam? I can't see him anywhere"

"are you blind Mr?..... Sam's sitting right next to me in the car"

Al looks at the passager seat in the car and to him it's just a empty seat.

Al taps the hand link and Al appears in the back of the car.

James looking really surprised by the whole situation looks in the rear view mirror and says to Al seeing him in the rear view mirror.

"how did you do that? you are a ghost! "

"am not Ziggy...... I need advice.... how is this even possible?"

Al taps the hand link like a mad man trying to get answers as quickly as possible from Ziggy.

For a moment James talks to Sam and Al says

"who are you talking to? Are you talking to a hologram your not a leaper are you?"

After listening to Sam James says

"so you're Al a hologram from the future who's tuned into Sam brainwaves"

Al totally lost for words puts a ceger in his mouth and starts smoking it and looks at the handlink and says out loud

"come on Ziggy....." tapping the hand link and it goans.

James continues to say to Al

"Al Sam wants me to tell you"

James listening to Sam very carefully plus trying to keep an eye on the road.

that the leap went wrong as you put it it went a little bit ca ca and as he was leaping in a bolt of lightning hit him and some how he was forced out of me and now he is stuck like in a state of limbo not being able to interact with anything and is left like a ghost. And what took you so long Al to get here? "

Al says" OK? Sorry Sam we had a few problems with Ziggy she went off line for a bit but she back now.... Actually Ziggy got something here"

Al reads directly from the hand link

"actually Ziggy agrees with you something did go wrong with the leap in and for a moment you're minds merged only for a instant and now you have the exactly the same brainwaves as Sam and that explains why you can see me."

"actually in the original history you James actually was killed by the bolt of lightning it killed you stone died but the leap in as some how saved you so according to Ziggy apart of Sam's mission is already complete the only part we still don't know... OK I hope you can hear me Sam but it's June 22 1996 and you should of leaped into James but now as you say you are stuck in limbo I need to go back and run this by Ziggy hang in there sam"

Al taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens and after a few taps Al was gone.

And James with his mouth open says

"I love this future stuff"

End of part 4

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Coming soon part 5

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Part 5

After a few hours James pulls his vehicle onto his drive of his home and James stops the vehicle and takes the key out and gets out of the car.

Sam gets outs of the vehicle like Al passing through the car like a ghost and as soon as they get inside the house James says to sam.

"so Sam how many leaps have you had over the past 5 years?"

Sam smiles and replies

"too many I have lost count"

"so do you enjoy traveling through time Sam?"

"it has it ups and it's downs but yes I do enjoy it because I can see how much it helps people I leap into. "

Sam looks around the home of the Storm chaser and says

"so I take it chasing storms is your love of your life then?"

"yes like you Sam I have lost count of how many I have chased over the years"

Suddenly the imaging chamber door opens and closes with very quick taps of the hand link James says

"its you again"

Al very quickly says to James

"OK quickly where's Sam?"

James points to Sam in the living room and al says


Al aims the hand link and suddenly after a few taps on the hand link blue light shoots out of the link and starts to brighten up Sam.

Sam appears like a ghost and Al can now see Sam.

"thank goodness I can see you again."

Sam trys to talk but no sound is heard Al taps again on the hand link and tunes in the sound.

Sam says to al

"Al has Ziggy found out a way to resort me back to how I should be?"

Al replies

"Ziggy has since the lightning bolt caused you and James not to quantum leap correctly Ziggy says you need to walk into him to join him and complete the quantum leap Ziggy says there is a 83.4 per cent chance if you restore your leap in you should be in a better chance of leaping out of here. "

" ok"

James quickly says

"hold on a minute here you want Sam to leap into me? No am not ready for that how will it feel?"

"James we don't have time for this Sam's stuck in limbo due to the leap in getting distorted by the bolt of lightning if Sam doesn't leap into you there's a high chance Sam will be stuck in limbo forever do you understand?"

James looking really troubled by the whole situation closes his eyes and says

" OK make it quick"

Sam quickly runs into him and as they touch James and Sam is covered in a wash of blue light and Sam quantum leaps into James when the blue light fades away Sam looking and feeling dizzy says to Al.

"I did it"

Al looks at the hand link and comfrims James is now in the future in the waiting room.

End of part 5
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Part 6

Sam says to Al

"OK so why am I not leaping Al is there something else I am supposed to do?"

Al taps the link it goans and flashes all over the device Al reads the display and says to sam.

"Sam Ziggy says there is one more thing you need to do there is a family trapped inside a broken down car close by from here actually and in the next hour they are going to be hit by the storm and it kills them instantly but the problem is Ziggy says if you save them there is a high chance the person you're leap into won't survive. "

Sam looking shocked says

" what? How can I have leaped into him to save him from certain death for only to get him killed by other means? "

Al taps the hand link and says

" I don't know Sam but we don't have much time Ziggy says the small family in the car only has less than 40 minutes before its too late. "

" OK let's go "

With out thinking Sam puts a coat on and leaves the house closing the door behind him he runs to the car and al reappears in the passenger seat and Sam starts the car up and puts his foot down and drives down the road with Al showing him the way.

With time pressing on after a good 20 minutes of driving sam parks the car near close by to the other car he was sent here to Save he gets out of the vehicle with a crowbar he found in the glove compartment in his hosts car he walks up to the vehicle says to family to get down they all look away and drop to the floor the best way they can and Sam hits the bar against the window and breaks all of the car windows. He then reachs out for the family and he pulls them out one after another through the car windows once the mother and her three children are safely out of the car Sam clocks the storm heading straight for them a tornado.

Sam very quickly guides them into his car and he says to the mother not having anuff time to get in the car himself "drive now drive" she puts her foot down and drives off down the road.

Al says to sam

" you did it history changed they make it safety out of harms way."

Then Sam immediately starts running away from the tornado but it's too late it over takes him and Sam is lifted up from his feet and he spins out of control and into the heart of the tornado and as he is in the tornado suddenly he is overcomed by a wash of blue light and he quantum leap and he shouts

And blue light shines out of the tornado.....


As he leaps out.....

When the leap fades away Sam finds himself laying on the ground next to James house.

Sam picks himself up from the floor and al appears next to Sam and says

"Sam we don't know how you did it but for some reason the moment you quantum leaped you didn't leap out but the leap saved both you and James again by leaping your both to safety to here back to him house you have only leaped forward 1 hour into the future. Ziggy says because you desire was so strong to save the person you're leaped into of stead of leaping you out like it should it transported you both to safety. "

" that's amazing "

" it is "

" so what happens now? "

" Ziggy says James retires from storm chasing and goes on and lives a happy very productive life for the rest of his life"

Sam smiles and says to Al

"I am glad to say Al its good to know everyone lives"

And in that moment Sam is overcome by a wash of blue light and he quantum leaps into time.....

When the light fades away Sam is driving a car down a very long road at night and the heavens are open with rain and suddenly a few minutes later the car dies and Sam can't get the car going again he gets out of the car and in the middle of no where he notices a spooky horror looking house on a hill and feeling like he was in the beginning of a horror movie he looked at the house and the sky lights up at that very same moment with lightning and Sam says to himself

"oh boy!"

Quantum leap the house on the hill

Coming soon.....
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