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Default Quantum leap a leap into the unknown

Part 1

Sam's body was all alone in the waiting room of project quantum leap and like always with each different visitor who would replace Sam in the future after every quantum leap they would spend most of their time looking at themselves in the mirror embedded in the center of the waiting room table and wondered if they had dead and gone to heaven or if aliens had beamed then up into their alien space ship.

Coming up with any storie they wanted to explain why and how they got there.

with each new visitor to the waiting room everyone at the project would see them as Dr Sam Beckett because it is him that they have exchanged places in time with but to them they would always see a stranger looking back at them from the looking glass and as Sam was sat on the chair in front of the waiting room table with the room being blue all around them.

Suddenly a wash of golden light covered them from head to toe and they were covered in a wash of amazing golden quantum leap energy as the leap fades away.

Kyle finds himself dressed in white and he gets up from the chair and he looks at himself in the nearby mirror and sees Dr beckett looking back at him.

He says out loud to himself

"who am I?"
"oh my!"

Trying to get his bearings after the leap in he trys to understand with out much success what God, time or fate has in store for him this time.

Not long after leaping in looking around the waiting room a round door opens of the imaging chamber and after a few taps of the golden crystal hand link the door closes behind the observer.

Kyle says to the observer as he has done many times before

"who have I leaped into this time?"

The observer for Kyle was a woman called Admiral*Michelle J. Stevenson

And she was wearing her full admiral uniform she said to Kyle tapping into the hand link

"OK it's September 21 1999 and you're leaped into Dr Samuel beckett who was the original scientist who created time travel and made time travel possible for America and for the whole world. At the moment you are in a room what they call the waiting room of project quantum leap.... "

" so this room is like the holding chamber for us? "

" yes that's right very similar "

" I see yes I remember reading about Sam beckett before I made my first quantum leap isn't he surpose to be the new Einstein? "

"yes that's right so don't go changing history you got that"

Kyle nods and says "OK"

" and why am I here? "

The admiral taps the hand link more and pays close attention to the device and says

" delta has not worked out why you are here yet Kyle but delta will work it out very soon. But for the time being it's very important while you are here to not tell anyone here at the project that you are a leaper we can't risk changing our own direct time line have you got that, you must make everyone believe here that you are Dr Sam beckett. The quantum leap rules have never been so important for you to keep on this leap. "

Kyle nods and says

" I shouldn't be here every thing about this leap feels wrong some how God, time or fate has never leaped me anywhere before that could risk our own time travel project what wrong is there to to put right this time. "

" don't worry Kyle as soon as we know we will let you know "

" OK go back and help delta so at least I can leap out of here as soon as possible. "

The admiral smiles she taps the hand link and her imaging chamber door opens she steps into the golden glow of the door way and says

" just hang in there buddy "

and she disappears into the future.

Kyle looks at himself in the mirror again embedded inside the table.

And says out loud to himself

" Well Dr Sam beckett it's so good to meet you"

End of part 1
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Part 2

Meanwhile in the far, far future Michelle walks down the ramp into her version of the main control room.

There project was called (project quantum) based on the same idea of project quantum leaps.

The base which now housed the technology that was based on project quantum leap Ziggy. Was a converted army base in another location in New Mexico. Of stead of training the army the US government was now using the base to send army personnel into time some with different missions but Kyle's mission was still based on the good Dr Beckett's mission to leap in and put right what once went wrong.

Before Sam retired from traveling through time he wrote into the contract that no matter how the government used the time machine next someone should still be sent into time to put right what once went wrong and the government agreed to the arrangement.

In the control room there was another crystal like device that looked like Michelle hand link but a bigger version of the same device with a gold background inside the device and the device was flashing inside with many different colors of the rainbow. Just next to it up in the air was a golden ball that looked a lot like Ziggy but wasn't but a new computer intelligence but also the computer could project it self as either male or female looking real just as a hologram to the admiral but it mostly appeared as a man dressed in a golden army jump suit.

The admiral spoke to the hologram of delta and said

"so do you know......"

Delta spoke over the admiral and continued to say

"why Kyle has leaped into the good Dr Beckett in the year 1999?"


Delta continues to say

"I don't have anuff information yet from the internet to be able to give a good response to that question try me again in 24.3 hours. But I will probably be able to advise sooner than that"

Michelle says "OK do it as quickly as you can delta Kyle definitely needs you this time. On this leap."

Delta was the next hybrid computer in line to come after Ziggy but he did act a lot like her in times.

Project quantum leap from their point of view was now a museum for all to see and time travel was public knowledge and Ziggy would still be used from time to time.

Meanwhile back to Kyle.

Traveling through time can be fun from time to time but when you're leap connects with a mission that could affect your own personal past you know you just have to do the best you can do and try not to change anything too important.

Kyle walks up to the door the only exit out of the waiting room and presses the door control the door wasn't responding so Kyle very carefully got the chair hit the door control with it and started to rewire the door as the covering came off the wall with luck the waiting room door opened and Kyle walked out of the room very slowly making sure he didn't alarm anyone and started to walk down the corridor of project quantum leap.

Kyle was great full that there isn't anyone near by for the moment and he finds a cupboard in the corridor he opens it to find a technician uniform he quickly gets dressed puts on the uniform and hat also to try and hide his face.

suddenly a army personnel walks down the same corridor Kyle trying to not give himself away walks past the army guy and just nods to him trying to blend in as he walks passed the security guard.

End of part 2
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Part 3

In the far future in the museum where project quantum leap Ziggy was still housed she started to glow with blue light a little at first but then she grew brighter and brighter and the deactivated time machine started to flash all over with yellow, red and green. As if the time machine was brought back to life.

Staff was still on site to keep her going to maintain her systems from time to time.

Suddenly with no warning she says out loud.

"Dr Beckett...... Dr Beckett...... Dies.... Dies...... History is changing, history is changing you must save Dr Beckett."

A new head programmer enters the room hears Ziggy's warning and says out loud to himself.

"right I think delta should know about this"

He runs over to the console and starts tapping on the time machine like mad and Ziggy makes contact with delta......with a data link.

Even tho Kyle didn't know a lot about the old project only what he had read before he made his first quantum leap into time he thought it was amazing that God, time or fate choose him to leap into Sam right here right now it gave him some sort of comfort in a strange sort of way.

As he was continuing to walk down the corridor. Al looking very concerned suddenly ran passed Kyle as AL was trying to run towards the waiting room tapping into his hand link

And Saying to Ziggy

"his escaped? how has he escaped?"

Kyle knowing there isn't much time to lose enters the near by lift presses the call button steps inside and presses the lift button for ground level as he was traveling in the lift.

Suddenly Kyle hears a audio only transmission from his observer and she says

"Kyle delta knows why you have leaped into Sam"

"OK why?"

"according to original history Time is changing and now history records that Dr Beckett is killed less than 24 hours from now delta gives a 85.3 per cent likely hood your here to save his life"

"OK how does it happen?"

"history is still in Flux so we don't have the details just yet but of course we believe some one is trying to change the past who or why we just don't know yet."

"OK keep me posted"

"yes will do Kyle Michelle out"

The audio transmission stops and Kyle Reach's the bottom ground floor level of the project the lift doors open and he steps out making his way out of the project.

End of part 3
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Part 4

Al runs into the control room and says to Ziggy.

"Where's Sam Ziggy?"

Ziggy replys

"at the moment he is attempting to hot wire a car in the car park directly outside"

"OK I will go after him how about Sam did Sam achieve his mission?"

"yes admiral I can process and agree Sam should have quantum leap by now and hasn't due to Alex winters escaping the waiting room"

"right I will be back shortly let's go after Sam"

Al runs out of the control room and like history repeating itself as if Al was going after styles he puts his black jacket on and arms himself just in case and as soon as he is ready he runs down the corridor and suddenly while he is running towards the lift a wash of red quantum leap energy covers him from head to toe and when the light fades away.

The new leaper finds himself in Al's body and he says to himself "it's time to go hunting!"

Meanwhile Kyle is driving his newly stolen car from the project car park driving down a desert road driving at high speed away from the project and while he is driving Michelle appears next to Kyle as if she is sat next to him.

He clocks her and smiles saying

"any new information?"

She taps the crystal hand link and says

"yes delta has picked up another leaper"

"another leaper? Of course he must be here to kill Sam"

"delta agrees with your assessment of the situation"

"OK do you have any idea where this new leaper is? And who he has leaped into?"

Michelle taps and hits the hand link hard it goans and continues to say

"we are trying to get a lock on his brain waves but it seems like someone or something is blocking us right now but delta has worked out its highly likely the new leaper will leap into someone who is already close to Sam we have the following figures 20 per cent likey hood it could be Donna, 35 per cent likey hood it could be the head programmer ...... "

" OK I get the picture.... "

Suddenly a car as if out of no where hits Kyle's car a black car turning right banging into his car.

" so I take it this is him? "

Kyle turns the wheel left hitting the black car back again trying to hit him off road but the driver regains control of the car and is now behind Kyle's car trying to hit the back of his car.

Michelle says "I'll try and get a ID of the person who's driving that car"

After a few taps on the crystal she disappears and then reappears after a few minutes.

Kyle says "who is that guy?"

"its admiral rear admiral Albert calavicci"

"and who's he?"

"delta says he was Sam Beckett's friend plus holographic contact with his own time."

Kyle says smiling at Michelle

"so he's like you then?"

She smiles and says

"if you want to put it that way then yes you're right."

"OK that's good to know"

"but it's very important to know Kyle Albert must not die because in the original history Albert was a huge influence in helping Dr beckett get back to his own time if he dies here and now it's very likely Sam will be trapped in time forever. "

" OK understood"

Suddenly the car is hit by a few rounds of gun fire and breaks the back window of the car and the black car hits the back of Kyle car a few times, Kyle quickly looks for a fire arm and lucky finds one in the glove Compartment.

He turns the wheel left off road stops the car and Michelle says

"Kyle what are you doing?"

"ending this right here right now."

Kyle gets out of the car opens the passenger door and using it as cover.

The other car stops and al gets out of the car and starts opening fire Kyle gets down and stays close to the car door and while bullets hit the passenger door he shouts out

" why are you doing this?"

As Al gets closer he says

"you know why? If it wasn't for you Sam creating your time machine we wouldn't be in the mess we are now in"

Al keeps firing until all of his bullets run out.

Michelle reappears close to Kyles car just keeping a eye on the whole situation.

As Al changes his clip on his gun, Kyle stands up and points his gun at Al.

And slowly walks towards Al.

And says "drop your gun right now!"

Al looking really pissed drops the gun and puts his hands up.

As Kyle continues to walk towards Al he stops half away holding both of his hands on the fire arm and says

"who are you I know you're not Al your another leaper but who?"

Al replies "now wouldn't you like to know".

And immediately Al runs for Kyle and Kyle fires a few rounds only hurting Al's arm Al shouts in pain and as Al grabs Kyle arm and fire arm they both start to glow with quantum leap energy and in a few minutes Kyle could see who Al really was.

Al managed to grab the gun off from Kyle and Kyle saw a much older version of himself.

Young Kyle said "how can it be me?"

Old Kyle in shock of seeing his younger self says "how can you be here me, young me that is? This didn't happen the first time round."

Young Kyle says "if you try and change the past anything is possible" and while old him is detracted young Kyle does a round house kick, kicks the gun out of his hands and pushes old him to the floor.

As soon as old Kyle hits the floor young Kyle picks up the weapon aims it at his older self and says

"don't make me kill you?"

"you can't kill me if you did you will only kill yourself?"

"why are you doing this, why do you want to kill Sam?"

"he is the key to all of this if he hadn't created time travel I wouldn't of failed my mission and get kicked out of the project and spend years and years with dishonor with Sam died the project with have no choice to end and I can change everything get my life back and not even me can stop me this time one way or another Sam is going to die. "

Young Kyle says" not on my watch"

Al gets up quickly and Kyle pulls the trigger Michelle says "no Kyle! No!"

As the bullet hits Al, AL suddenly in a wash of red quantum leap energy starts to quantum leap and old Kyle quantum leaps into time as the leap fades away Al falls to the floor but is OK and says

"what's just happened"

Kyle with a sense of relief drops the gun and hands himself over to Al.

As Al and Kyle drive back to the project Michelle says to Kyle in the back seat.

"you're done it history is back to how it was and everything happens as it did before?"

"Kyle says quitely so why haven't I leaped?"

She hits the hand link and says "delta says you need to get back to the waiting room so Sam can quantum leap onto his next mission because the time you're leaped into Sam is still traveling in time."

"OK got it"

Al looks in the rear view mirror and says "you remind me of someone was you just talking to a hologram?"

Michelle tells Kyle to say he is Alex winters as that is who Sam has replaced in time including both Sam and Kyle.

Kyle nods and says

"no my name is Alex winters"

Al says "OK never mind"

As they pull up to the project Al leads Kyle back to the waiting room and when Kyle finds himself back in the blue room and the door closes behind Al just leaving Kyle says to Michelle in the waiting room

"so it was me who tried to kill Sam at some point in the future is it really my destiny to end up as a man wanting revenge?"

Michelle taps the hand link and says

"delta has a interesting view on this subject he says it is possible that the future self you met could have come from a parallel universe because there is a theory of time travel that says once you travel back in time it is possible for the time traveler to leap onto another time track another time line as it where of another person's universe so it is possible that your future could be a lot different to the future you saw"

"OK that's good to know at least that gives me some comfort I will just have to try and not become him.

Kyle stands over the waiting room table and he says out loud to anyone who might be listening" am ready to go now "

And in that moment a wash of golden quantum leap energy covers his entire body and Kyle quantum leaps into time.

When the light fades away Alex winters finds him self back in Sam's body and then a wash of blue quantum leap energy covers him from head to toe and Alex leaps back to his own place and time and Sam leaps to another time and place.

When the golden light of the leaping cycle ends Kyle finds himself dressed as a woman smoking a smoke and he finds himself in a alley as he trys to leave the alley way a police officer runs past stops and says to him quickly.

"come on we don't have time to lose!"

They both run after a criminal and Kyle realizes he is a under cover cop and says out loud

"oh my!"

The end
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