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Default A tad off-topic...

Hey, all. It's been ages since I last posted here. Just wanted to let you know I'm still around.

I'm going back to school this month to finally (FINALLY!) finish up my degree. Should only take three years or so. *nervous chuckle* Add my two jobs on top of that and you kinda start to see the big picture.

BUT, I'm still plugging away at my music career. I've recorded one song out of a six-song demo. The whole thing should be finished by summer 2004. And to add even more to the equation, I'll be performing at Six Flags in Louisville, KY on Sept. 20th. (So, if you're in the neighborhood...)

MJ has a copy of my latest single "The City Limits Sign". Perhaps we could persuade her to put it up on her Someday Man page so you guys can check it out for me. Feedback is always welcome. lol

All in all, I've really missed this place. I'd like to say I'm back for a while but it's just not likely right now. Internet time is at bare minimum and I should be in bed even as I'm typing this.

Just consider me your local friendly ghost for now. I'm around, but you won't always be able to see me.

Love you guys!

In Peace,

PS: Sorry for posting off-topic Bryan. Move me if you must.
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