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Default Thanks and useful information to download episodes

Hi dreamers!

Thank you very much to the people that have answered my mail!. QLDamsel ,!gracias!, you have been very pleasant writting for me the words of the song. Yes, that?s what i wanted. I already can sing it ( to myself. It?s better to keep the good weather here).

Mike, thak you for your words. I?ve been learning English for 7 years while i was a kid and in the High School, but usually you can?t learn it properly enough in this way to speak correctly and with a lot of vocabulary... so i use my dicctionary .
By the way, you were right about eMule: it?s indeed a clon of eDonkey. I don?t really know about computers, only the usual things, but my boyfriend does. He has told me this.
And yes, i love Quantum Leap. But in Spain you had to look for the episodes each season (it was like "Oh!, this year it?s in Telemadrid at 7:00 in the morning! :geez ") and i made the mistake of no recording each episode. My family knew that the TV was mine at those moments, and i prepared myself for each episode: a piece of chocolate and bread , and go to the bathroom before ... nothing should bother me!!. But the episodes finished and i forget them a little. So that?s the reason i?m so enthusiastic now!

I was very grateful so i thought "What could i do to return the favour?". I didn?t have any idea, because i think you know much more about Quantum Leap than me. But finally i thought, reading some posts here, that the best was sharing the episodes that i have in the computer with all who want them, throught internet: eMule and eDonkey episodes (although probably the most of you have all episodes).

The episodes that i have available and completely downloaded in my computer are:

Double Identity
Blind faith
For your love trilogy 2 and 3
Genesis 1 and 2
The leap home 1 and 2
Leap of faith
The B++gieman
So help me God
A song for soul
The right hand of God
What price, Gloria?
Good night, dear heart
Shock Theater

And the ones that are downloading, so i have only a part of the episode available for eDonkey and eMule users are:

The color of the truth
A leap for Lisa
So help me God
Play it again Seymour
8 1/2 months
Star Light, Star Bright
Miss Deep South

I?ll leave the first group in my computer for 7 days, and i?ll remove only 3 of them next week (i?ll put them in CDs), and another 3 the following week (sorry!, i only have 11 megas in my laptop, and i need space for the new episodes) to give time to the people to download them. I?ll leave them in my laptop as much time as possible, and, if anybody is interested in any episode, i?ll leave it the time necessary to download it completely (you?ll have to tell me which episode i don?t have to remove).

I?ve asked my boyfriend, Rafa is his name, to write some explanations to those of you that don?t know eMule. He is a trekkie... and of course he loves Enterprise
Here he has written what is eMule, how you can use it and where you can download the program:

What is eMule?
eMule is a new filesharing client which is based on the eDonkey2000 network, but offers more features than the standard eDonkey client, because it's opensource but under the restrictions of the GPL License.
What does eMule mean?
The name "eMule" comes from an animal called "Mule" which is somehow similar to a donkey

How often is eMule updated?
eMule is not updated regularly, but at the moment the frequences are between 1 and 3 weeks. Don't take this for guaranteed.

With emule you can share and download everything from the biggest community of the world. You can download anything: from videos of your favourite tv serie to movies or versions of your favourite programs... everything is in the edonkey-emule network.

Emule or Edonkey? Personally I prefer Emule because is a little bit faster, but don?t get a wrong impression about the word "faster". Emule will download faster those archives which are more shared than others. In other words: the lastest blockbuster hollywood movie will be downloaded fester than a Quantum Leap video because, on the emule network, there will be more people sharing the film.

You can download the last version of emule of thousands of web pages. Try with Google and you can see than you can download the program from everywhere. Try with www.softonic.com (spanish site) or www.emule-project.net (creator?s site)

After you downloaded it and install it into your computer you only have to initiate the program. The First time it will take a little bit to connect to one of the servers because you have only a few of them on your list, but don?t worry. Every time you connect your list of servers will grow.

Once you are connected to a server you can start your search for the program your are looking for. Go to "search" and type the name of what you are looking for. Then you must wait to see the results. After that put your mouse into the archive you want to download and push the right button of the mouse. Then push "download". The archive will be sent to "traffic". There you can see how long it takes the downloads, how many bytes you have downloaded, etc... One tip: try always to download the archive which has more sources (it will be easier to download).

Once the archive is fully downloaded it will be stored at the emule destination path. You only have to look for it.

I hope you enjoy it.

Fine!. It?s Alda again!. This mail has been again very long, ang , but i hope useful.

Thank you very much to all of you and to let me share this dream with you!

Keep dreaming! Alda

"Despert? de ser ni?o,
nunca despiertes"
Miguel Hern?ndez
("I woke up from being a child,
never wake up"
Miguel Hern?ndez)
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