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Default Bruce McGill

The one and only bartender of Al's Place in a small(700+) Pa mining town called Cokeburg.
Anyway, I was watching a commercial for a movie with Nicholas Cage and at the end of the teaser trailer I saw Bruce McGill in the credits that only appear for about a second.

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I noticed that, too! It's that new movie coming out in which Nick Cage plays a conman whose daughter suddenly shows up.... Can't remember the name of it...

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I'm not a big fan of Nicholas Cage, but I think I saw a commercial for the movie you're talking about. I think the title of it is "Matchstick Men".
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Bruce Mcgill is in so much, but i can not watch him in anything and see those eyes and not think of the way he spoke to Sam in that finale scene,

"God Bless You Sam"

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