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Default QL POEM: The Leap

I had orginally posted this on July 6, 2005 under the wrong topic heading (General Topic). I was very new to the board and didn't know exactly how to do posting. I am reposting here to assure it is in the right place.

I hope you all don't mind the reposting.

by Helen Gerhard
C 2005

A flash of blue light
Pure energy of life
One being enters the fray
The other to a room far away
Each ask "Why am I here?"

The one to whom this is
Another assignment to live
Looks around, curious, afraid,
Trying to understand and learn
To know "Why am I here?"

The other in that small room
With only bed and table
Is unnerved and in total disarray
Understanding only this isn't like
any other day
Pleads "Why am I here?"

A man with kind eyes
Dressed in primary colors
Mixed on a pallet of eccentric
Speaks to the other so as to
The feared "Why am I here?"

Explained that they are there
In a room with bed and table
Looking at a mans face not their
Because of a strange experiment
which intones
Each life "Why am I here?"

The man in multicolored attire
Obtains name, time, and
Then quickly leaves that little
Ready to help his friend embrace
A new "Why am I here?"

His friend exists in a life
At once alien and new
Attempts to learn the ebb and flow
Of this other's life so that he
can know
And act out "Why am I here?"

All the people to whom he speaks
An interacts with do not know
That the one they see is not "on
That somehow a man's been sent to
make something right
That's Why he is here.

A sliver of white appears
And the man in brilliant clothes
Enters the scene, cigar in sync
Pushing buttons on a computer's
hand held link
To help answer "Why am I here?"

The two talk about how time
And what happens that makes it
that way
That God, Fate, Time, or Whoever
is needing changed
While the people around wonder if
the person they see is deranged
While he learns "Why he is here."

They see him talking into thin air
Gestering, acting as if someone's
They do not, can not know that
this is life
Regardless of living the fear and
When performing "Why he is here."

Someone's life is sure to need
The changes he was sent to make
Often at risk to life, limb, and
But he's there to do it because
he's kind
And will complete "Why he is

Through it all the man named Al
In funky clothes and hologram self
Helps his friend to know what the
other could not
And therefore allows the changes
to be made in this plot
So his friend achieves "Why he is

The things the traveler does in
many ways
Are done to help because he truly
But in his heart, his mind, his
body and his soul
He desires to be at home and to
once again be whole
Back where he knows "Why he is

Another flash of blue completes
The circle for this Quantum Leap
The other from the room returns
now out of a jam
While the one who travels through
time, named Sam
Will ask again "Why am I here?"
Helen in Colorado
"People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

- Albert Einstein

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This is the one you were telling me about! I had read it, but it was a while ago, and I didn't remember a lot of it. I loved it, it was wonderful!

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