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Default Just a couple of hints on recording...

I was given this information to help with those who will be doing their voice recordings on a home computer and an inexpensive microphone (which is something that I have anyway). Since I'm not the audio all and almighty, someone (thank you and you know who you are!) gave some helpful hints on recording. Here are the hints:

To keep things uniform:
**For PC users, use Windows recorder. Convert playback and recording to CD Quality before recording.

**Record all of their character's lines in one file. Save as wav, and convert to MP3 when finished. Musicmatch Jukebox is a free program and converts wav - mp3.

**When voice recording, hold a handkerchief or piece of paper a few inches from the mic and your mouth, in between your mouth and the mic to prevent "popping" your Ps.

Thanks guys! Happy recording!
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