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Default Ziggy noises

Hi guys!

I'm thinking about dressing up a friend as Al for Halloween. (Bright silver jacket, yay!) The hardest - but most effective - part of the costume would be to make a Ziggy handset.

Blinking LEDs and all, that's no problem. I can do electronics. And plastic crafts. The sticking point is, I want to make it make, um, those little protesting noises when you whack it. LOL.

Anyone know where I could find some WAV files of them? Without Al or anyone talking in the background? I figure they've gotta be on the internet *somewhere*...

Even if there's other stuff in the sound clip (it could be ten minutes long) - as long as there's a good clear capture of those sounds, I can edit it to work.

Anyone know where I could look?

Thanks in advance!

I'm so looking forward to this!

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If you go to the Al's place website and use the leaping string, you can go to Ziggy's sounds. There are sounds from the Al's Handlink and even the Evil Leaper's Handlink.

Here is a link; Ziggy's Sounds
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