Could time travel really happen? Here are links to real-life scenarios and people who are trying to make the fiction of time-travel a reality!  

The Anderson Institute – Everything about time, time control and time travel. This includes hundreds of pages of educational material, in more than 40 languages, not available anywhere else.
Now, instead of merely leaping from life to life in our own universe, you can jump into your own life in alternate universes.
The Wall Street Journal reports on Ronald Mallett
Ronald Mallett's UCONN webpage, includes email address for him
Talk of Ronald Mallett's work, outline of how it was/is supposed to work and why it is unlikely to work
Ronald Mallett, Physicist of the African Diaspora - page about him
Talk within this article regarding Ronald Mallett and issues of race
Talk of Ronald Mallett here
A huge page of time travel links here
A paper written by Ronald Malletts on "Weak gravitational field of the electromagnetic radiation in a ring laser"
Article on Ronald Mallett by UCONN itself
Professor's Time Travel Idea Fires Up The Imagination
Professor To Try Time Travel
UConn Professor To Build Time Travel Device


Going hand-in-hand with the above, the following links are concerning holographic technology. The first will take you to the website for the company that has made holographic communication a reality! The other link will take you to a news story about this important development in technology.

Teleportec Website
Communicating holographically isn't just fiction any more... it's reality!

With these new advances in time travel and holography, we may just find Project Quantum Leap becoming a reality!

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