"Honeymoon Express"

Ginger the Cat - "Honeymoon Express"

Old Lady: "Please be careful".
Sam: "Oh don't worry I've been climbing trees since I was 3" (clinging on to tree)
Old Lady: "If Ginger fell, I'd just die"
(Al appears hovering in branches.)
Al: "What are you doing Sam?"
Sam: "Saving Ginger".
Al: "That name is probably why he's up here in the first place."
Sam: "He?"
Al: "Sam, how would you like to stop a revolution. Does the name Fidel Castro mean anything to you."
Sam: "Why, should it?"
Al: "Well I don't see how since its '57 and he won't invade Cuba for another 2 years."
Sam: "Don't tell me Ziggy's changed his mind about what I'm here to do" (Al consults handlink in normal fashion.)
Al: "Parallel hybrid computers don't change their minds, their ego won't let them. He's still predicting you are here to make an historic rescue."
(Sam turns his attention back to the cat.)
Sam: "Here Kitty".
(Sam falls, cat lands on Sam and then jumps into old lady's arms).
Old lady: (To cat) "Oh, Ginger my poor baby are you alright." (To Sam). "My hero."


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