"The Leap Home"
Part I

The title/date at the beginning of the episode is a slightly different font (from the usual QL one) in the original NBC version. This appears to have been corrected in the syndicut version. The guest stars and production credits are in the usual font in both versions.


[Sam and his mother are talking in the kitchen after his father leaves to buy cigarettes and cranberries]

Sam: That would be great!

Thelma Beckett: I don't want to hear any more about his father dying. No one knows better than Daddy how young his father was when he passed on.

Sam: Yes, ma'am.

[Thelma Beckett turns and leaves]

-- begin cut -->

[The hologram sound is played as Sam turns to see Al standing behind him]

Sam: Did you hear? It's going to work, Al! I'm going to change their future!

Al: I hope so, Sam. I hope so.

[They both walk out into the hall]

Al: But in the meantime, you've got to be at basketball practice in thirty minutes.

Sam: I'm not going to basketball practice.

Al: Why? Don't you want to see your old buddies again? Shoot some hoops with Sibby and... uh... Jerky?

Sam: Herky.

Al: Herky.

Sam: That would be great.

[looks in mirror]

Sam: It's all like a dream Al.

Al: Well, you better enjoy it before you wake up.

Sam: Okay, Okay. [takes hat and coat] But I'm not playing in that game on Friday.

Al: Why not?!

Sam: 'Cause I don't want to leap! That's why not!

Al: Then you don't really believe you're here to help your family.

Sam: Of course I do!

Al: Then why are you worried about leaping if you win the game?

[Al opens imaging chamber door and leaves]

[Sam thinks for a few seconds then goes out the front door]

<-- end cut ---

[Voiceover of cheerleaders at basketball practice]

[Cut to basketball practice scene]


[Tom and Sam's parents are talking to Dr. Berger in their kitchen]

Tom: That professor from MIT told me that Sam's got a brain that comes around once in a generation. Maybe once in every couple generations. I don't want to see that wasted at Indiana State.

-- begin cut -->

Dr. Berger: I went to premed at Indiana State!

Tom: I'm sorry, Doc. But you know what I mean.

Dr. Berger: Okay, Tom. I understand. Being on the alumni committee, I had to protest a little. Sam places a lot of store in what his big brother says, doesn't he?

Tom: Mmmm... I don't think so.

Thelma: Oh, Tom. Since Sam could walk he followed around like a puppy.

<-- end cut ---

Dr. Berger: Maybe if I had a -- a mind like Sam's, I'd create a fantasy to stop my brother from going to Vietnam.


[During the basketball game]

Al: I feel like Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers!

-- begin cut -->

[Player #5 on the other team dribbles the ball while Sam covers him]

<-- end cut ---

[Player #5 finishes dribbling and passes to No-Nose]

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