"A Little Miracle"

[Al has just showed up for the first time.]

Sam: I'm a two-hundred pound valet.

Al: Well, count your blessings. You could be wearing a red suit and ringing a bell in front of Macy's.

-- begin cut -->

Sam: [Looks at Al's loud, short-sleeved shirt.] And you could be a waiter at Trader Vic's.

Al: Hey, it's not Christmas where I am. I mean, when I am. It's the middle of July.

Sam: O.K.

<-- end cut ---

Blake: [O.O.S.] Pearson!


[Blake is seated at breakfast with Calloway. Sam is trying to figure out how to answer the intercom.]

Sam: [Into intercom] Hello?

Bert: [V.O., over intercom] This is Bert down in the lobby.

-- begin cut -->

Sam: [Examines the buttons] Hello?

Bert: [V.O.] Hel-Hello?

Blake: [In foreground, to Calloway] Calloway, have you noticed any--

Sam: [In background, into intercom] Hello?

Blake: -- anything strange about Pearson lately?

Bert: [V.O.] Can you hear me?

Calloway: Definitely, sir.

Sam: Hello?

Calloway: He worries me.

Bert: [V.O.] Can you hear me?

Calloway: Perhaps we should consider termination.

Sam: [Whispers] Hello?

Blake: Oh, you think we should fire him?

Calloway: Uh, it was just an option, sir.

Bert: [V.O.] [unintelligible] Captain Downey waiting down here in the lobby to see Mr. Blake.

<-- end cut ---

Sam: [Into intercom] O.K., thanks.


When Al is playing the Ghost of Christmas Future for Blake, it takes about 2.1 seconds longer for his hologram of the Blake Plaza to get cranked up in the network version than in the syndicated version.


[Al in full ghost mode shows Blake a hologram of his building with the new name "SUMITO PLAZA" on it.]

Blake: [Moans] Ohhhh, they took my plaza.

Al: No, they didn't take it. YOU lost it. [Winks out]

-- begin cut -->

Al: [Materializes on top of the theater marquee.] You lost everything! [Cackles and gambols] Now, do you want to see the rest?

Blake: No. I don't want to see any more. [To Sam] Pearson, make him stop. I've seen enough. Just make him go away.

Al: Aw, come on, Mickey. You don't want to walk out before the end ofthe movie, do you? [Winks out]

<-- end cut ---

Al: [Materializes on top of Blake's headstone.] It's such a peaceful ending.


The original network leap-out is into a repeat of "Sea Bride." The syndicated version leaps into "Runaway." Both have the executive producer's credit in a nonstandard font, each a little different from the other.


The network closing credits are run over footage of Sam and Blake singing "Joy to the World" with the people in the mission. The syndicated closing credits are run over still frames from this footage while the standard shortened version of the "Quantum Leap" theme plays.

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