Pre-Season 1 Promo Commercial for The Pilot Episode
Original NBC spot
29 seconds


Original "Star-Crossed" commercial on NBC
From season one
11 seconds

Original "Right Hand of God" commercial on NBC
From season one
25 seconds

Pre-episode promo on NBC

"How the Tess Was Won"
27 seconds

1989 commercial
Camikazi Kid original spot
19 seconds

1989 commercial
Featuring Sam as woman.
19 seconds


1990 commercials
Featuring Sam as an Anchorwoman, Dracula, and Willard Scott.
1 minute 12 seconds


Moving to Wednesday
This rare commercial features Sam and Al looking into a mirror as Sam changes bodies four times.
36 seconds

NBC Wednesday commercial
Scott and Dean in a Wednesday promo for the NBC network. A fun little spot featuring "Quantum Leap," "Unsolved Mysteries," "Dear John," and "Night Court" as well.
30 seconds


Daylight Savings Time Commercial

Sam and Al tell viewers to set their clocks ahead.
24 seconds


Wednesday commercial
Christmas with Sam and Al.
30 seconds

The 1st Quantum Leap Week

5 nights of QL on NBC
30 seconds

The 2nd Quantum Leap Week

June 24th NBC
19 seconds

The 2nd Quantum Leap Week

Presented by Miller Lite

Quantum Quiz Commercials
No. 5, 10, 11, 14, 18, 21, and 22
(Seven videos)


Season 3 Finale Commercial NBC

Shock Theater
10 seconds


Moving to Friday
This rare commercial has Sam leaping into Night Court, Wings, and Midnight Caller as the show is moved to Friday nights!
36 seconds


New night: Friday
Promo for the NBC network moving Quantum Leap to the dreaded Friday night time slot
29 seconds

Season Premiere: The Leap Home
Promo for "The Leap Home" featuring Scott Bakula in a dual role
1 minute 5 seconds

"Runaway" commercial
Original NBC spot
17 seconds


"Mr. Little" Commercial

NBC "executive" tells the fans of Quantum Leap what he's going to do with the Wednesday night time slot after being bombarded by letters.
31 seconds


Back to Wednesday series of commercials
Several spots marking the return of the series to it's original Wednesday night time-slot!
1 minute 20 seconds


Back to Wednesday
Original NBC spot
14 seconds


8 1/2 Months Commercial

On it's new night back on Wednesdays
19 seconds

Season 5 Promo Clip

Features scenes from upcoming episodes.
15 seconds


Lee Harvey Oswald Commercial #1

NBC Tuesday
20 seconds

Lee Harvey Oswald Commercial #2

NBC Tonight
30 seconds


Lee Harvey Oswald Commercial #3

Next on NBC - plus - the opening montage to the episode.
5 minutes 18 seconds



This commercial was created to be aired during Quantum Leap. You don't see that happen much anymore.
34 seconds


The Evil Leaper Commercial
Original NBC spot featuring a different actress as the evil leaper.
20 seconds

The Mommies

Cast of "The Mommies" wants Scott to leap!
35 seconds


Civil War Episode Promo NBC

"The Leap Between the States"
9 seconds

Mirror Image Commercial
The Final Leap
22 seconds

Viewer's Choice Marathon 2004

The Sci-Fi Channel airs a QL marathon on Leap Day.
30 seconds

U.K. Sky One Commercial
1 spot for the series
37 seconds

U.K. TV1 Commercial
2 spots for the series plus screen capture of the U.K. TV Guide
1 minute 5 seconds


Commercials featuring the stars,
but are unrelated to Quantum Leap


Scott's Canada Dry Commercial
The video is jumpy (taken from an old videocassette) but is very funny to see Scott dancing around singing about Giner Ale! You can see more of this commercial on the Sciography page (Part 2).
19 seconds


Coca-Cola commercial featuring Renee Coleman (Alia in the Evil Leaper episodes)
1980's era commercial (non-QL related)
30 seconds

Scott's Folgers Coffee Commercial

"Decaffinated? And I'm waking up?"
45 seconds

"The More You Know"

Scott Bakula gives a demonstration of the many different hats teachers wear in their careers.
32 seconds

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
After Quantum Leap, Scott took the role of Mr. Smith in this short lived series that later became a blockbuster movie starring Brad Pitt in the title role! Look for the traincar scene in this commercial... doesn't it remind you of "Honeymoon Express?"
1 minute 8 seconds


Bakula sells Shield Soap
This commercial aired in 1984 for Shield soap and features Scott Bakula!
31 seconds

Scott on "A Healthy Challenge"
Scott Bakula gives tips and advice on how to stay healthy.
2 minutes 42 seconds
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