Miscellaneous Clips




Convention video
Scott poses as Thomas Magnum in this series of takes from a QL convention
3 minutes 5 seconds


Genesis: The Pilot Episode
Al Explains the QL String Theory
37 seconds

Series Cancellation
(Three videos)

Golden Globe Awards

Scott accepts his award!
1 minute 35 seconds

Golden Globe Awards
Dean accepts award for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series.
2 minutes 41 seconds

Scott's acceptance speeches from the VQT awards 1990-1993
(4 videos)


Short clip from the NBC 75th Anniversary Special
10 seconds

Excerpt about Quantum Leap
From VH1's "I Love the 90's" series
2 minutes 18 seconds

The Stuttering Project
Awards QL for the "Trilogy" series
32 seconds


The Dance... Georgia On My Mind with spliced "Mirror Image" ending
4 minutes 57 seconds

E! 24 Hours in Hollywood - Part 1
Scott is followed around for a day to show life in Hollywood. He is scheduled for 50 TV interviews that dayto promote "Lord of Illusions."
3 minutes 23 seconds


E! 24 Hours in Hollywood - Part 2
We get to see a behind the scenes point of view during the interview process, and by the end of the day Scott jokes about running 10 miles and going skydiving next.
3 minutes 44 seconds


Scott Bakula's Stalker
Entertainment Tonight reports on Bakula's stalker.
2 minutes 23 seconds

Scott Bakula's NASA tribute to Sean O'Keefe
When NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe retired, Scott filmed a clip on the set of Enterprise just for the ceremony! Check out part of the ceremony filmed by our own Dave Hromanik along with the Bakula footage.
6 minutes 2 seconds