Promotional Clips


E! Promo for "Dr. Ruth"

Interviews with Scott Bakula and Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Also, a behind the scenes look on the set.
1 minute 21 seconds

USA network promo

What's your favorite episode of Quantum Leap?
21 seconds

USA Promo

Comments from Diamond Farnsworth (stunt double), Jean Pierre-Dorleac (costuming), Paul Brown (writer-director), Roger Dorney (special effects), Eric Kuehnapfel (special effects editor who shows in detail how they created the leap effect), Donald P. Bellisario, and Scott and Dean.
1 minute 58 seconds


NBC Season 5 Promo #1

Montage showing what is coming during the original broadcast run on NBC.
30 seconds

NBC Season 5 Promo #2

Sam and Al on the set of "Leap Between the States" setting the audience up for a sneak preview of what is airing soon.
23 seconds


NBC Season 5 Promo #3

Short spot showing what is coming during the original broadcast run on NBC.
15 seconds
Scott & Dean QL Promo
Sam and Al explain that QL will return to the NBC schedule on March 30th, 1993 but 1 hour later. Notice that they are on the set of "Mirror Image" nearly two months before the final episode aired.
20 seconds

"Running for Honor" Promo

CNN and the E! network report that network executives may not air the episode. Don Bellisario talks about how the network didn't want to air a "gay" show at that time due to the advertisers threatening to pull their ads. The episode lost half a million dollars when last-minute ad spots were sold at discount prices.

3 minutes 58 seconds


"Leaping of the Shrew" Promo

Entertainment Tonight interviews Brooke Shields
44 seconds


"Lee Harvey Oswald"
Promo Part 1

Features clips about the episode "Lee Harvey Oswald" and also has a clip of Scott Bakula talking about his "number one fan."
1 minute 47 seconds


"Lee Harvey Oswald"
Promo Part 2

nterviews with Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell, and Don Bellisario. You also get to see on the set of the episode.
4 minutes 1 second

"Lee Harvey Oswald"
Promo Part 3

This clip features an interview with Donald. P. Bellisario.
1 minute 29 seconds

"A Song for the Soul" Promo

Entertainment Tonight and the E! network interview Scott Bakula and Tammy Townsend on the set.

1 minute 49 seconds

"The Wrong Stuff" Controversy

Scott Bakula and Don Bellisario give interviews about the controversial episode and talk about how animal rights activists and bio-medical research companies have both lobbied to get their views into the show. You can also get a glimpse on the set of "The Leap Back" during this!
2 minutes 2 seconds


DVD Season One Trailer
Deborah Pratt voices the official trailer for Quantum Leap: The Complete First Season on DVD.
47 seconds

Entertainment Tonight:
Leaping In Without a Net
Scott talks about his motion sickness and what it was like to work on the set.
1 minute 35 seconds


Entertainment Tonight:
Good Morning, Peoria

Scott, Dean and Chubby Checker appear in the promo.
1 minute 29 seconds

Entertainment Tonight:
Quantum Leap Week

Entertainment Tonight promotes the very first Quantum Leap Week.
1 minute 29 seconds

A Little Miracle

Behind the scenes action and interviews with Scott and Dean.
1 minute 57 seconds.


Entertainment Tonight:
On the set of M.I.A.
Entertainment Tonight talks with Scott on the set of "M.I.A."
2 minutes 37 seconds


Entertainment Tonight: Stand-Up
Entertainment Tonight clip featuring Bob Saget
32 seconds

Entertainment Tonight:
The Wrong Stuff
Entertainment Tonight clip featuring Scott and a chimp
44 seconds


ET Remembers Scott
Entertainment Tonight remembers Scott Bakula featuring clips from several of his TV shows and a short interview.
1 minute 36 seconds

Movie Time: On the set
of "Double Identity"
Interviews with Don Bellisario, Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell, and glimpses from the set of "Double Identity"
2 minutes 29 seconds


TV Guide Looks at Sci-fi
A short excerpt from a program that ran on the USA network about Quantum Leap
1 minute 5 seconds

Movie Time: On the set
of "Good Morning Peoria"
Interviews with Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell, and Chubby Checker
3 minutes 2 seconds

Entertainment Tonight:
Promo for Quantum Leap before it aired on NBC! Interviews with Scott and Dean plus behind the scenes glimpses on the set.
1 minute 30 seconds

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