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Leaping Links

Welcome to Leaping Links--the most thorough list of Quantum Leap links on the 'Net!

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June 8, 2002

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A link with triple asterisks (***) on each side indicates a must-see site for all Leapers!

If your website is not listed, please e-mail me the URL, and I'll update the list ASAP!

Please Note: I will accept slash links, but there is a catch. I will not be making a page of slash links. Instead, if you want slash links, you will need to e-mail me, and I will send the links to you for your use.

Updates to this page will occur approximately twice a year. Here is the tentative schedule of updates:

Summer--June (after school lets out); any time during this season
Winter--Late December (during Christmas vacation)

I'm sorry I can't update more often, but life--specifically, school--demands that I can't.

I have found, during this last update, that many Quantum Leap sites have gone missing. They have either been deleted, or have a new URL. I am leaving the names of those sites that are now inaccessible. This is to show how many sites have been in existence, and to honor those people and their sites that are no longer on the 'Net.

These deleted or relocated sites are still counted in the final link count to show how many Quantum Leap-related websites have been in existence.

If you come across a name that does not have a link, and you have its new URL, please e-mail it to me. I will get it put up at the next possible update.

Dr. Ron Mallett has announced that he will be conducting time travel experiments in the near future. He believes that time travel is very possible, and he is setting out to prove it.

Check out these articles that speak about this real-life Sam Beckett!

Professor's Time Travel Idea Fires Up The Imagination
Professor To Try Time Travel
UConn Professor To Build Time Travel Device

Going hand-in-hand with the above, the following links are concerning holographic technology. The first will take you to the website for the company that has made holographic communication a reality! The other link will take you to a news story about this important development in technology.

Teleportec Website
Communicating holographically isn't just fiction any more... it's reality!

History in the Making!
The governor of Texas communicates holographically from Austin, TX, with a group of business leaders in Dallas.

With these new advances in time travel and holography, we may just find Project Quantum Leap becoming a reality!

Dean Stockwell guest-starred on "Enterprise" during its first season. It marked the first time he and Scott Bakula were seen together onscreen since the final episode of "Quantum Leap"--nine years earlier. Here is a page that has high-quality pictures of Dean Stockwell on "Enterprise".

Dean Stockwell on Enterprise

Also, check out this exclusive interview with Dean Stockwell and Scott Bakula on Zap2it... They reveal what it was like to be working together again, and talk a bit about Quantum Leap

Zap2it Interview

I had found Troian Bellisario's personal homepage, but now it is password protected by the site's host (her school's webserver).

Troian's Faboo Life



Admiral Lenora's Quantum Leap Page
Andi's Quantum Files
Andy's Quantum Leap Website
Barry's Quantum Leap Page
Beckett and Calavicci's Quantum Leap Page
*** Becky's Quantum Leap Page ***
Christina's Project Quantum Leap Page
Derek's Quantum Leap Page
Dr. Beckett's Quantum Leap Page
Elfweenia's Little Quantum Leap Page
fanatical_and_proud's Quantum Leap Page
Freda W's Home Page
HeLL'Z World Quantum Leap Page
Jess6's Quantum Leap Page
Joell's Quantum Leap Page
Julia Simon's Quantum Leap Page
Karl's Quantum Leap Page
Leapin' Lil's Timeout Lounge
Maria's Quantum Leap Page
Pam's Quantum Leap Page
Paranoid Angel's Quantum Leap Page
Philippa's Quantum Leap Homage
Ronit's Quantum Leap Pages
Scott's Quantum Leap Page
Sorcha's Quantum Leap Page
*** SueJBakula's Quantum Leap World ***
Telia's Quantum Leap Page
Tootie's QL Fan Page
Topcities Quantum Leap Page
Trudy's Haven for Leapers
*** U§§ ferryboat's Quantum Leap Page ***
Washy's Quantum Leap Page
Wendy's Quantum Leap Pad
wHom's Quantum Leap Page
Zigfreid's Quantum Leap Page
*** Ziggy's Quantum Leaping Website ***

An Australian Quantum Leap Page
Calavicci Casanovas Club
Dawlphyn Leap
Door One: Quantum Leap
Evil Leapers
Fate's Wide Wheel
H1 Quantum Leap
Leaper's Little Corner In Time
Leap Into Quantum Time
Leap On!!!
Leap to Leap: A Quantum Leap Journey
Oh, Boy!
Project Quantum Leaper
Quanta 2
Quantum Leap Forever
Quantum Leap Information Kiosk
Quantum Leap Television (Coming Soon!)
Quantum Leap: The Leap Home
Quantum Leap Mountain
Quantum Leap PL
Somewhere In The Night
Timeless Adventure, Timeless Excitement
*** (Un)official Quantum Leap Site ***

The Accelerator
Accelerator Chamber
*** Al's Place ***
Dr. Beckett's Imaging Chamber
The Foundation
Gooshie's Coding Room
The Leaping Leaper
Operation: Retrieval
*** Project Quantum Leap ***
Project Quantum Leap--Control Room
Project: Quantum Leap
The Quantum Accelerator
Retrieval Program For All Things
Waiting Room
Ziggy's Blue Room
Ziggy's Secret Quantum Leap Realm

Quantum Leap Crusade
*** Quantum Leap Revival Initiative ***
Revive Quantum Leap Petition
S.O.S. (Save Our Sam)

Cult TV-- Quantum Leap
Epguides-- Quantum Leap
GEOS-- Quantum Leap
Pazsaz Entertainment Network-- Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap Episode Guide-- Version 6.0
Quantum Leap-- A Titles and Air Dates Guide
Quantum Leap Episode List
Quantum Leap Episodes List
TV1 Program Profile for Quantum Leap
TV Guide Quantum Leap Show Page
TVToMe Quantum Leap Guide
Zap2it Quantum Leap Page

Literary Song Videos (scroll down for QL)
Quantum Leap Fanzine List
*** Quantum Leap Merchandise ***
Quantum Leap Props For Sale
*** Quantum Leap Soundtrack ***
Quantum Leap Videos

CGS-- Quantum Leap Sites
Dr. Beckett's Little Black Book of Sites
Ian's Quantum Leap Resources
Quantum Leap Links
Quantum Leap on Lycos

*** A 1980's TV Poll-- Which Series Should Have A Movie? ***
Allexperts Quantum Leap Q&A
Big Sky Movie Ranch-- Outdoor Quantum Leap Settings
Cult Times-- Quantum Leap
Eliz's LA Trip Report
*** IMDB-- Quantum Leap ***
Jack Kerouac on Quantum Leap
*** Quantum Leap Dictionary ***
Quantum Leap at Edwards Air Force Base
Quantum Leap SIG
*** Sci-Fi Channel-- Quantum Leap ***
*** Sciography-- Quantum Leap *** Quantum Leap Quantum Leap
TV of the Eighties-- Quantum Leap
TV Forecast-- Quantum Leap
The X-2 on Quantum Leap
Yesterdayland-- Quantum Leap

American TV-- Quantum Leap
Andy's Anachronisms-- Quantum Leap
DeFlip Side-- Review of Mirror Image
"Frequency" Director Should Direct Quantum Leap Movie
*** Jumping the Shark-- Quantum Leap ***
Nostalgia TV-- Quantum Leap: MIA
Quantum Leap: A Night to Remember
Simon Kinnear-- Quantum Leap
Television Heaven-- Quantum Leap
Universal Playback-- Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap Common FAQ
Quantum Leap FAQL

Fan Fiction FTP Archive
*** Information FTP Archive ***
*** Main FTP Archive ***
Obsessed Leaper FTP Archive
Sound FTP Archive

Be A Leaper
Comic Book Universe Battles-- Dr. Who vs. Back to the Future vs. Quantum Leap vs. Bill & Ted
Comparison of Fugitive and Quantum Leap
Free Quantum Leap Graphics
*** Possible Quantum Leap/Magnum PI Crossover ***
Quantum Leap Desktop Theme (Coming soon!)
*** Quantum Leap Drinking Game ***
*** Quantum Leap Handlink Construction Schematics ***
*** Quantum Leap Nitpickers ***
Quantum Leap Ringtone for US/Canada Mobile Phones
Quantum Leap Quotes
*** Quantum Leap Stuff ***
*** Quantum Leap Trivia Quiz ***
Quantum Leap .wav Site
Trivia Central-- Quantum Leap
*** Ziggy's Entertainment Site ***

*** AJ's Quantum Leap Fan Fiction Library ***
A League of Their Own-- Quantum Leap
The Calavicci Home (An RP/Fan Fic Page)
The Brazilian Leaper
*** Quantum Leap ***
The Imaging Chamber
*** Jane's Fan Fiction Page ***
"Leap in the Morning, Sailors Take Warning" (Sequel to Under A Quantum Moon)
The Leaps of Our Lives
LeapTrek (Quantum Leap/Star Trek Crossover)
Lenora's Fan Fiction Archive
"Like Mother, Like Great-Granddaughter"
The Multiverse-- Ultimate Crossover
"Picture Perfect"
P.O.W. (A Story by Jane Leavell)
*** Quanta-Dimensional Leap Radio Play ***
Quantum Fiction
Quantum Leap Chain Stories
Quantum Leap Online Reading List
Quantum Leap: Temporal Institute Archives
Quantum Leap: Then and Now
*** Quantum Leap Virtual Seasons ***
"Quantum T"
Russet McMillan's Quantum Leap Fan Fiction
"Under A Quantum Moon" (Quantum Leap/Sailor Moon Crossover)
"Whereabouts -- Unknown" (Quantum Leap/Time Trax Crossover)
Wyvern's Quantum Leap Fan Fiction

*** Jo's Quantum Cafe ***
KC Leap
Leap 2003
*** Orlando Leap 2001 ***
Toronto Leap

Les Sites de Langue Etrangers
Fremdsprache Placiert
I Luoghi di Lingua stranieri
Locais estrangeiros de Linguagem

Code Quantum le site officiel
Code Quantum
Jean-Michel's Code Quantum Page
penne21's Code Quantum Page
Sci-Fi Movies-- Code Quantum

Quantum Leap Online
Quantum Leap: Zurück in die Vergangenheit
Scott Bakula/Quantum Leap Fanpage
Yvonne's Quantum Leap Page

Angelo Prevosti's Quantum Leap Page
Deanna's Quantum Leap Page

*Portuguese/O português*
Quantum Leap Contratempos

Quantum Leap in Russia (English available)


The Admiral's Office
*** Al-coholics Anonymous ***
*** Al Pal Page ***
*** Calalily League ***
*** The Handlink ***
*** Unofficial Bureau of Al-coholics ***

*** Bakula High School Pics-- ***
Beyond the Mirror
Completely Scott
E! Online Scott Bakula Fact Sheet
IMDB-- Scott Bakula
*** Kiss Scott Bakula Interactive Photo Gallery ***
Malca's Scott Bakula Page
The Real Story Behind "The Bachelor's Baby"
Scott Bakula Archives
*** Scott Bakula Entertainment Site ***
Scott Bakula Information Pages
*** Scott Bakula Monthly TV Schedule ***
*** Scott Bakula Online ***
*** Scott Bakula Sightings ***
Yvonne's Scott Bakula Page (German/Deutsch)

2001 Reno Film Festival (Dean attended)
Blithe's Favorite Actors-- Dean Stockwell
Calavicci's Gal
Child Film Stars Photo Gallery-- Dean Stockwell
Compulsion Images
*** The Dean Diaries (The personal account of my trip to meet Dean) ***
The Dean Shrine
Dean Stockwell at
*** Dean Stockwell Monthly TV Schedule ***
*** Dean Stockwell Photo Album ***
Dean Stockwell: The Man, The Myth
Erin & Richard's Dean Stockwell Page
The Flunky (A new Dean movie)
IMDB-- Dean Stockwell
IMDB Message Boards-- Compulsion
*** Kiss Dean Stockwell Interactive Photo Gallery ***
Nature Boy: The Unauthorized Biography of Dean Stockwell
Nature Boy Excerpt: Compulsion
Phenomenon: The Lost Archives; hosted by Dean Stockwell
Purvi's Page
Star Oasis-- Dean Stockwell
Stockwell Society
Yvonne's Dean Stockwell Page (German/Deutsch)


Quantum Leap Forum
*** Sci-Fi Channel Quantum Leap Bboard ***
*** Sci-Fi Channel Quantum Leap Fan Fic Bboard ***
*** Quantum Leap Virtual Seasons Forum ***
*** The Quantum Leap Club on MSN ***
*** (Un)official Quantum Leap Site Board ***

Basically Bakula Club
*** Project Quantum Leap ***
Quantum Quest

Amanda's Quantum Leap Club
Brotherhood of Men QL RP
Club Quantum Leap
Code Quantum (French)
Dedicated Quantum Leap Fans
Dr. Beckett's Realm
Emma--Quantum Leap RPG
Krystal's Quantum Leap
Partners In Time-- Quantum Leap RPG
PQL Project Quantum Leap RPG
Project Evil Quantum Leap
Project Quantum Leap
Project Quantum Leap 2
*** Quantum Leap ***
Quantum Leap Club
Quantum Leap Fan Fic
Quantum Leap Fan Fic Game
Quantum Leap Fans
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Quantum Project (German)
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Ziggy's Control Room
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All Scott
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Scott Bakula Fan Chat
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Stockwell Society 2
Stockwell Society 2
*** The Sassies (SAS=Stockwell Appreciation Society) ***

Quantum Leap Accelerator Webring

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