2000 - 2002

Archive of additions made to this fan site from it's first upload on April 24th, 2000 to December 31st 2002.



12-31-2002 Last RodetteVision of the year 2002! Enjoy...it even has a cool picture included! Also have a new Guestvision by Dman to start off the new year! Reformatted Al's Video Library into sections for faster browsing!

12-23-2002 Oops! I forgot to upload comic #1 on December 1st. Why didn't someone tell me!? Well, it's up now! Enjoy!

12-22-2002 New Rodvision and RodetteVision!

12-18-2002 Added Sheet Music for "Somewhere in the Night" to the Media section! Thanks, Sue!

12-17-2002 New RodetteVision and Guestvision!

12-15-2002 New Rodvision!

12-12-2002 New RodetteVision!

12-11-2002 Added TEA by Carol for "Good Morning, Peoria." Updated the TEA signup page.

12-9-2002 New Rodvision! Added TEA synopsis for "The Americanization of Machiko" and "Maybe Baby" from MikeKraken and Lola!

12-4-2002 New Guestvision by Dan Goff!

12-3-2002 Added 2 new pics supplied by Gelfling to imaging chamber. They are promo shots of Scott and Dean at the bottom of the page on either side. Also added a link to gelfling's comic book story. It's great! Check it out here: http://www.angelfire.com/space/gelfling/rants/finalleap.html

12-1-02 New Rodvision and RodetteVision and added "Pool Hall Blues" TEA by Carol to episode guide! Carol signed up for "Good Morning, Peoria" today too!

11-28-2002 Released the Special Edition #1 Comic for download! Check here for more info on release dates. Also entered the synopsis for Issue #1 and the Special Edition re-issue of #1. Added a DOD codepage hidden somewhere in the Waiting room. Do you know the codes? Hint: Check the episode guide.

11-27-2002 New Guestvision by Allison Lynn Veneizo <AKA> Leapgirl2001! Added 9 pages of info and pictures from the Special Edition comic book covering Dean Stockwell's star ceremony and the 1992 Quantum Leap convention in Hollywood (located in Media under the Magazine articles link)! Also created a version of the Primer page at the old www.finifter.com/quantum-leap site for use by visitors new to Quantum Leap. Updated the mainpage text block to reflect a few changes. Added Joy's "M.I.A." TEA synopsis to the episode guide!

11-26-2002 Added 1 exerpt, the leap-in page for the next issue, a link to buy the comics, and info on a new project coming soon to all comics pages! Also added the saga-sell into to Quantum Leap in comic form to the mainpage of the comics section! We are now listed on Scifi.com: just search for Quantum Leap at http://www.scifi.com/webguide/index.php3
Also, modified the string interface for quicker access to data while the string loads completely.

11-25-2002 Added the TEA for "Good Night, Dear Heart" to the episode guide by MikeKraken. New RodetteVision! Three new members joined the Al's Place Quantum Leap Network WebRing!

11-24-2002 New Rodvision!

11-23-2002 Started the Al's Place Quantum Leap Network webring. Added new Webring page located in the webring section of the Leaping Links page.

11-21-2002 Added some basic info about the novels on each page. Included are the title, Author, Printing Date, ISBN number, and Leap Date(s).

11-20-2002 The 2nd edition of GuestVision is up featuring a column by Lola! Combined the 3 "visions" internet columns into one page to resolve some of the clutter on the mainpage.

11-19-2002 Added script and leap-in page for the unpublished comic, "Two Dweebs and a Little Monster." Added names of writers, illustrators, colorers, etc on all comic pages.

11-18-2002 Released the new format for the Comic Book section! More updates to come in this area!

11-17-2002 Added the TEA by Albingo for "Double Identity" to the episode guide! Season 2 is now available for adoption! Also opened the novel section for adoption and gave the novel page a facelift in preparation for the novel reviews. See the novel page for info. Added Dman176 to Alumni page. New Rodvision and RodetteVision!

11-16-2002 Moved Al's Place to a different IP address with improved speed, better url navagation, and better performance! Added the last 2 parts of the Sciography series!

11-14-2002 New Rodvision and RodetteVision! Converted to the Winzip program for downloading files due to excessive bandwidth problems. Added new icons to the QL messageboard and a new forum for the QD Leap Radio Play! And finally, added a new member to the Alumni page: MikeKraken.

11-13-2002 Added TEA synopsis for "Camikaze Kid" and "The Color of Truth." Guestvision is live with it's first column by Matt Searcy!

11-4-2002 New RodetteVision!

11-3-2002 After six months of work and over 100 hours of time involved...I FINISHED PHASE I OF THE EPISODE GUIDE with "MIRROR IMAGE!" Added "Part 12: Warren's Apology" and "Part 13: Reflecting Back" from the Sciography series to Al's Video Library! (Two parts added this week due to my vacation coming up this week) The new Ultimate Episode Quiz is ready to be taken! Look for it in the episode guide, the media section, and the control room! And last but not least...this week's new Rodvision!

11-2-2002 Added "Goodbye, Norma Jean", "The Beast Within", "The Leap Between the States", and "Memphis Melody" to the Episode Guide!

11-1-2002 Added "Dr. Ruth", "Blood Moon", "Evil Leaper II: Return", and "Evil Leaper III: Revenge" to the Episode Guide! Also added the evil leaper handlink sound and another evil leaper door effect to Ziggy's technical sounds section. And finally today, added a new sound on the Rodvision homepage!

10-31-2002 Got the second TEA submission and posted it today on the "How the Tess Was Won" page of the episode guide! Added "Trilogy Part II: For Your Love", "Trilogy Part III: The Last Door", "Promised Land", "A Tale of Two Sweeties", and "Liberation" to the Episode Guide! Also added the hologram sound to Ziggy's technical sounds section.

10-29-2002 New RodetteVision! Added Al's Place messageboard and "The Leap Continues" messageboard to the links page. Added "Star Light, Star Bright", "Deliver Us From Evil", and "Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart" to the Episode Guide! Also introduced sounds of the Evil Leaper door opening and closing in Ziggy's technical sounds section.

10-27-2002 Added "Part 11: The Last Days of Quantum Leap" from the Sciography series to Al's Video Library! Added "Leaping of the Shrew", "Nowhere to Run", and "Killin' Time" to episode guide! New sounds in Ziggy's Sounds! In the Technical section there are 2 sounds of programs loading and in The Voice of Ziggy section there are several new clips as seen in "Killin' Time." And finally, there is a new episode guide page showing all of the pics used in the opening title song sequences from season one until the series ended! There are all 3 versions of the title song intros in video on the page as well! Look for it on the episode guide mainpage!

10-26-2002 New Rodvision posted! Also got the first official TEA submission and posted it today on the "Play it Again, Seymour" page of the episode guide.

10-25-2002 Added the much anticipated "Lee Harvey Oswald" episode to the episode guide starting out Season 5!

10-23-2002 Chat is now active on the messageboard, as well as a few other new features! Now working on the "Al's Place Ultimate Episode Quiz" as I finish work on the episode guide! The quiz consists of 95 multiple-choice questions...one question from each episode. The program I have for making the quiz is nice-looking, so I think you will enjoy it! Look for it in November!

10-21-2002 New RodetteVision by Robyn X! Added new video clip of a season 5 promo featuring Scott and Dean. This aired directly after the Evil Leaper 2 & 3 2-hour special on NBC. Scott and Dean introduce some episodes and then it shows spots from the episodes, which I cut out due to a large file size. Also added the Evil Leaper Leap Effect to Ziggy's Sounds in the Technical section!

10-20-2002 Added "A Leap For Lisa" to the Episode Guide which finishes Season 4! Released "Part 10: Creating Al's Place" of the Sciography video series in Al's Video Library! (Sorry it didn't get posted until midnight...had to work later than expected.) And finally today Sam Pass has graciously donated pics of the Quantum Leap calendar front and back located in the media section.

10-19-2002 2 new sounds in the Technical section of Ziggy's sounds of the Chamber door opening and closing while getting jammed in "The Curse of Ptah-Hotep." Added "The Curse of Ptah-Hotep" and "Stand-Up" to the Episode Guide!

10-18-2002 Added a 10-page article (located in the media section under advertisements and articles at the bottom of the page) on Quantum Leap supplied by gelfling1220! Thanks! It's really interesting...check it out! Also have QLDiehard on the alumni page. Ok so it's not really her...it's a pic her daughter drew in a paint program! Introduced "It's A Wonderful Leap" and "Moments to Live" from Season 4 into the Episode Guide. And once again...a new Rodvision!

10-17-2002 New Guestvision Internet Column is in the works and will be released in mid-November! This column will feature a new fan writer every week writing their thoughts on Quantum Leap! If you are interested in writing for this column, just email me! Also added another version of the handlink sound to Ziggy's sounds area. And finally, added "Ghost Ship" and "Roberto!" to the Episode Guide!

10-16-2002 New RodetteVision Internet Column! The Rod and I have chosen it's Rodette and her name is...Robyn X. Our original Rodette couldn't make it, so we are pleased that Robyn X has stepped in to take this coveted spot next to the Rod! Added new video clip of a USA network promo asking "What is your favorite episode of Quantum Leap?" And finally, added "Temptation Eyes," "The Last Gunfighter," and "A Song for the Soul" to the Episode Guide!

10-15-2002 Added the cover photos from the TV Hits album featuring the theme to Quantum Leap courtesy of Sam Pass! Also included a link in Al's Video Library to an interview on the show Extra with Dean and Scott talking about the Enterprise episode Detained.

10-14-2002 After almost 2 months I have started work on the episode guide again. I have plunged into Season 4 with 12 new additions beginning with "The Leap Back" and ending today's work with "Running For Honor." I plan to have Season Four complete by Halloween.

10-13-2002 Released "Part 9: Challenging Oliver Stone and Breaking Rule #5" of the Sciography video series in Al's Video Library!

10-11-2002 New Rodvision!

10-06-2002 Released "Part 8: The Mania" of the Sciography video series in Al's Video Library! Also open up the new TEA section for adopting an episode - check out the episode guide for more info! Tweaked the flash elements to preload before playing for best performance.

10-04-2002 New Rodvision!

10-02-2002 Added "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" from Memphis Melody to Episode Songs in Ziggy's Sounds supplied by gelfling.

10-01-2002 Added "Amazing Grace" from Memphis Melody to Episode Songs in Ziggy's Sounds supplied by gelfling.

9-30-2002 Added BaKfan to Alumni page. Added Volare and Footloose to Episode Songs in Ziggy's Sounds supplied by gelfling.

9-29-2002 Released Part 7 of the Sciography video series in Al's Video Library! Reorganized Ziggy's Sounds page into categories for faster browsing. Added Sam and Al saying "Oh, Boy" together and 4 new songs supplied by gelfling: Heatwave, Great Balls of Fire, Cuando La Gusta, and a song from Pool Hall Blues.

9-28-2002 New Rodvision!

9-24-2002 Added gelfling1220 and Leaper1 to Alumni page! The Someday Man submitted his real name to the page also. Added an important tip to downloading videos from Al's Video Library for all of you Netscape and Mac users!

9-22-2002 Released Part 6 of the Sciography video series in Al's Video Library! Added Loleap to Alumni page!

9-20-2002 New Rodvision and added pic of "sculptoris" to Alumni page!

9-19-2002 Added a Quicktime Version of the Flash Intro to Al's Place which can be accessed from the opening site link or Al's Video Library.

9-17-2002 Added Lady Aurora to the Al's Place Alumni page! Replaced the flash "leap" from the opening page at http://www.quantumleap-alsplace.com with the Al's Place logo to save bandwidth on my host server (everyone thank Christopher for hosting this site) and also added a quick-link to the messageboard so that visitors looking ONLY for the board do not have to go all the way into the site.

9-15-2002 Added Biridox, MJ, and Leapah to the Al's Place Alumni page! Also added handlink interfaces to the 5 pages of the episode guide seasons. Released Part 5 in the Sciography series in Al's Video Library. Also created a 404 Error page for broken links (keeps you in the site without losing you). Have started a deal to create a radio play of a Quantum Leap story. Check the message board for audition info!

9-14-2002 Created new interface for Episode Guide!

9-13-2002 New Rodvision! Also added a pic of The Rod on the alumni page! Promoted Joy Helvie as the assistant moderator for the Message Board to ensure quality and troll-free messaging!

9-12-2002 Added new mug to Media section from a Quantum Leap Convention. Added "The Someday Man" to Alumni page photos.

9-10-2002 Added Joy's research info to "Star Crossed" and "The Right Hand of God" in the episode guide. Also introduced the new page "Al's Place Alumni" with photos of visiting leapers everywhere! Submit your photo to be included as well! Also converted the Control Room into the new Chatroom corridor.

9-9-2002 Added Part 4 of the Sciography weekly clip series! Added Part VI of Joy's Mirror Shattered story to the Fan Fic section.

9-1-2002 Added Part 3 of the Sciography weekly clip series! Began collecting pictures from leapers to the site for a new page called "Al's Place Alumni."

8-26-2002 Added "Coming Soon" dates, pictures, and titles for the Sciography clips in Al's Video Library.

8-25-2002 Added 13 new video clips from Dan Goff's "Mirror Images: The Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell Saga" video! Gave them their own page (link is on Al's Video Library page). Also added an extended mix of the Mirror Ending music to Ziggy's sounds page. Also have a new page you can access from the Leaping Links page that displays links to real-life time travel and holography! And finally...began the weekly series of Quantum Leap Sciography video clips in Al's Video Library. Look for the Sciography logo! I will add a new clip every Sunday until the entire program is complete!

8-24-2002 Tweaked the Mirror Imaging Page and removed the incorrect pic of Don Belissario in "Mirror Image" and replaced with the correct one. Straightened a few other pages for neat organization.

8-23-02 Continued working on episode guide with "Shock Theater", which completes season three!

8-22-02 Continued working on episode guide from "Heart of a Champion" to "Nuclear Family."

8-21-02 Continued working on episode guide from "8 1/2 Months" to "Last Dance Before an Execution."

8-20-02 Continued working on episode guide from "Miss Deep South" to "Runaway."

8-19-02 Finished Season 2 and now have Season 3 started up through "The Boogiem*n" in the episode guide.

8-16-02 Added 9 new promotional pics to imaging chamber, 1 new wallpaper, the Time Tripping book cover and back, pics of the QL Crew Shirt, and pics of the lapel pins and coffee mugs in the media section.

8-14-02 Created new episode guide files between "Good Morning Peoria" and "Leaping In Without a Net" of Season 2. In the upcoming weeks, I will be focusing on completion of my part of the episode guide and will be adding Joy's detailed research to them as she sends it to me. In the process, I am working on a great Quantum Leap trivia quiz with one question from each of the 95 episodes!

8-13-02 Sam Pass continues to prove Al's Place with magazine articles and anything scannable! Check it out in the Media section under Advertisements! Added pic of Scott and Dean in Imaging chamber. New link to Convention 2003 on mainpage. Created an interactive Control Room "game." See if you can find all the hidden surprises!

8-11-02 New 2nd part to string interface to put all the clutter together into an easy to navigate area. All new sounds as well. Added 6 TV show theme songs produced by Don B. to various pages and to Ziggy's sounds. New celebrity Alan Oppenheimer added to Celebrity Leapers page. Pic of convention in Imaging Chamber.

8-10-02 New messageboard! Hope it goes well! Also added 5 new celebrities to the celebrity leapers page. And for entertainment, sit back and watch a segment of the Simpson's where Homer does a little Quantum Leaping of his own!

8-7-02 Added Netscape capability to Al's Video Library.

8-5-02 5 new videos added! 2 QL week promos, 1 "Tess" promo, 1 Civil War promo, and 1 season 4 finale promo. Also completed work on the Virtual Seasons trailer!

8-1-02 Added new features to the Celebrity Leapers page! Added more celebrities and this time also added a current picture of what they look like today! Also, there are 4 new videos in Al's Video Library. One NBC promo for season 5 and 3 NBC commercials for "Lee Harvey Oswald", the 3rd of which also includes the NBC intro to QL and the Oswald Overture (about 5 minutes.) Finally, added one new pic to the Imaging Chamber of the Waiting Room.

7-29-02 Added a FAQ page. Added a fanfic story "Beyond Quantum Leap" to FanFic section. New Innovation poster in Comics section.

7-21-02 New Misc. Media page inside the Media tab of the string. Houses cartoons, TV Guide ads, and any kind of print or picture QL media! Also have the QL patch, hat, and French version of the CD soundtrack inside the media tab.

7-12-02 Added 2 U.K. Exclusive novels to the novel section! "The Beginning" which details the first leap from Sam's point of view as he tells the story is very good, and "Carny Knowledge" is the title of the U.S. version of "The Novel".

7-9-02 Just found out Quantum Leap is coming Back!! SCI FI is developing a new Quantum Leap TV movie! No word yet on whether Scott and/or Dean will be in it. The movie is going to be a backdoor pilot for a potential new series! Added a new page just for news and updates about this exciting new development in the history of Quantum Leap!

7-7-02 Added 3 new screensavers featuring the new Al's Place logos! Also did a bit of redesigning on the flash intro to include the new logos and added new logos to all the pages of the site.

7-4-02 Al's Place own domain name is ready to leap into! Visit the new url at http://www.quantumleap-alsplace.com Also, there are now screensavers and more interesting stuff in the media tab of the string interface!

6-29-02 Added 4 new wallpapers to the wallpaper section! Also, using Joy's research, Part I of Genesis is finished in the episode guide.

6-27-02 Several Updates! New interactive string interface, added a media section to the interface housing the DVD, VHS, soundtrack, logo, and new Al's Place wallpaper and screensaver pages! Also have a new section under Mirror Imaging for a screenplay titled "The Mirror Shattered" where you can also watch the video trailer for it. Is it real...or not? You decide...

6-18-02 The Leaping Links webmistress and I have joined her huge links page into Al's Place! She is going to be helping me by doing research, keeping the links alive, and possibly writing reviews for the novels! She is R. Joy Helvie. You know her as tina_als_girl from the SCI-FI.com message boards.  Also created a bunch of banners to link Al's Place to!

6-17-02 Thanks to LoLeap, a French QL webmistress, the Al's Place mainpage is now available in a French version for all the French fans out there. (Not exhaust fans! -Inside joke!)

6-9-02 Added a new Soundtrack page for the Official Soundtrack Album of Quantum Leap!

6-5-02 Upon request, added a new sound to Ziggy's sounds of the opening narration and theme song combined together just like my flash intro. Also added "What Price Gloria" and "Blind Faith" to the episode guide!

6-3-02 Added a Mailing List to keep you informed about the happenings at Al's Place! Don't worry, your email address will not be given out. I HATE spam. And I won't email you every day. Only when I update the site with something new and worthy of attention. So sign up already!

5-27-02 Added Disco Inferno and The Americanization of Machiko to episode guide.

5-25-02 Created a disclaimer page. Added new link to links and fan fiction pages. New hit counter. I was even amazed by how many hits this site gets in a single day. 54 hits...wow. Quantum Leap really is still alive in your hearts!

5-24-02 Created new address page with addresses for Scott, Dean, Studio companies, Don Bellisario, and more! Also added the Waiting Room. Can you find it?

5-23-02 Added search engine capability to Al's Place!

5-21-02 Converted all sound and video files to mp3 and Windows Media format for easier and faster loading. This was a big request from the fans of the site...so I hope you enjoy it!

5-19-02 Added Honeymoon Express to episode guide.

5-18-02 Added a Quantum Leap Week commercial, practical joke on Scott Bakula from TV's "Bloopers and Practical Jokes", a Scott and Dean promo for the last season of Quantum Leap, and a USA promo spot showing special effects and behind the scenes material in AL's VIDEO LIBRARY.

5-12-02 Added clips in AL'S VIDEO LIBRARY from the "JAG" episode where Don Bellisario makes a cameo and where a Quantum Leap convention is going on in the background.

5-11-02 Added scene in AL'S VIDEO LIBRARY from the episode of "Enterprise" called Detention where Scott and Dean are reunited for the first time together since Quantum Leap went off the air.

5-01-02 Added new images to the IMAGING CHAMBER. These include the PQL above-ground structure, Theorizing, Hologram Helper, and my own creation Desert Lights.

4-23-02 Created a Fanfic page featuring links to all kinds of Fan Fiction about Quantum Leap including crossovers, original stories, etc.

4-22-02 Began work on my own episode guide. The first season is complete.

4-17-02 Uploaded the main flash intro which includes the explanation intro and title song.

4-14-02 Created the string interface used to navigate the site.

4-5-02 Reformatted the site to the look you see now. Easier loading, faster page views, removed flash banner. Began creating the main flash page intro.

3-29-02 Added a flash banner to the top of the site.

3-22-02 Added flash intro to main page.

3-12-02 Created new logo for Al's Place.

1-25-02 Moved the entire site to my own domain, GreeneSpace.com and my uncle created invisible frames to upload on Geocities so the search engines would not lose the url.

May, 2000 Created many of the pics still included on the site.

4-24-00 Al's Place is born and launched on Yahoo!'s Geocities.

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