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  • After an 8-year hiatus, The Rod has returned to Al's Place! If you were not around for the Sci-Fi.com Quantum Leap forums in the mid-2000's, The Rod was a fan who posted regularly in a fun fashion by speaking of himself in the 3rd person. He did a regular internet column called Rodvision for Al's Place during those years before disappearing in July of 2005. As mysteriously as he left, he has now  returned for one last Rodvision.... enjoy!



  • Updated the Leaping Links page to remove dead links. We lost some sites in the past couple of years, perhaps most notable was ql-archive.org. However, the owners of that site did allow me to archive their content here on Al's Place prior to this happening! also added the first new category, PODCASTS, to the page since it was created over 11 years ago.


  • Added three Novel Adoption submissions to the Novels section! Thanks to Michelle Morrison for being so detailed and providing so much information about three novels: Foreknowledge, Song and Dance, and Mirrors Edge!
  • Added a note about the episode "So Help Me God" regarding Twelve Oaks Parrish being the same name in "Gone with the Wind." Thanks to fan Sues for the addition.
  • Also added names of the country songs that played in the background of the episode "Freedom" thanks to fan Brandon A.
  • Added a Quotable quote to the episode guid epage for The Curse of Ptah Hotep thanks to fan Lou Davidson!
  • Corrected some guest cast names thanks to fan Steve Adams for the episode Rebel Without a Clue.


  • Added a history error to the Episode "Leap of Faith" under the heading "Say What?
  • Three new art images on our Artwork page by belphegor
  • Added additional disc info for the U.K. Ultimate Edition DVD set thanks to fan Matthew!
  • In our Cast and Crew section, I posted an email from Jim Etter, a member of the set dressing crew at the time of Quantum Leap. Some great info there!


  • Happy New Year!










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