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Volume No. 1

Issue No. 10

April 1993

Quantum Leap ™ & 1992 Universal City Studios, Inc


Peter Quinones

John Garcia

Vickie Williams


George Broderick, Jr.

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June 13th, 1966

On the eve of the famous Miranda Rights decision by the Supreme Court, Sam finds himself as a foul-mouthed comedian helping his old-time partner find a place in the spotlight. But first he must help the man out of an apartment fire while being harassed by police and a judge who doesn't approve of Sam's vulgar comedy act.

Summary by mshirley27

1966 finds Sam as stand-up comedian Manny Todd. Todd saw legendary comedian Lenny Bruce perform and was inspired. Todd has been arrested for indecency. He is being harassed by the police and intimidated by the judge he faced for indecency. This is at the time when The Miranda Act was passed, requiring police to advise people of their rights at the time of arrest. If the Miranda Rights are not read at arrest, then the arrest is invalidated.

Todd is managed by his girlfriend, cocktail waitress Diane. He's also teamed-up with legendary silent film star, Billy Krasden.

Ziggy calculates that Sam has to save Billy from dying in a fire.

airdave's Quantum Leap #10 - Too Funny For Words review

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before...

Peter Quinones, "Too Funny For Words" finds Sam as stand-up comic, Manny Todd, inspired by the legendary comedian Lenny Bruce. Todd, like Bruce, has been arrested on obscenity charges. He's being harassed by police and intimidated by the judge he faced. This is June 13th, 1966, just as the Supreme Court delivers the decision in the Miranda V. Arizona case, where police must advise a criminal suspect of his or her rights before interrogation.

Quinones' script, however, focuses on Todd's friend, legendary silent film comic, Billy Krasden. Ziggy calculates that Sam has to prevent Billy from dying in a fire.

John Garcia's art has Billy come off as a cross between Doiby Dickles and Woozy Winks, with a little Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd tossed in.

Quinones has Billy describe a brilliant idea for a comedy set in space that involves meeting a cosmonaut, a bit about walking his dog in space and a gag about locking his keys inside his capsule! This would be a film to see!

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