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Volume No. 1

Issue No. 2

December 1991

Quantum Leap ™ & 1991 Universal City Studios, Inc


Robert M. Ingersoll
Rob Davis
Vickie Williams
Scott Rockwell
George Broderick, Jr.

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Monday, June 11, 1962
Cleveland, Ohio

Sam leaps into Willie Jackson, an inmate on death row for killing his wife and her lover in a moment of rage. At the moment he leaps in, Sam is already in the electric chair, but the chair fails and his sentence is put off for one week. With the help of Al, Sam must convince a reporter to give up the identity of his confidential source in the 1962 case of Parker (Dr. Death) Michaels. If he doesn't find a way to solve this problem, the reporter will kill Dr. Michaels in the future, thus putting himself on death row as well and leaving Sam to be executed in the electric chair.

Summary by mshirley27

"Quantum leaping through time into other people's lives so I can help their friends through their times of crisis can be very disorienting.

"I never know when or where I'll end up."

Monday, June 11, 1962. Sam leaps into Willie Jackson, a black man about to be executed for murdering his wife and the man Willie found her in bed with. A white man. When Sam leaps in, his quantum field causes the electric chair to malfunction. While waiting, he and Al encounter newspaper reporter Ed Weslowski. Ed is being held in contempt of court for not revealing his source for a search warrant in the trial of "Dr. Death", Dr. Parker Michaels.

To leap out, Sam must find a way for Ed to reveal his source so Michaels will be convicted. Otherwise, Ed ends up murdering Dr. Death!

This story features a cameo by a young Steven Seagal!

airdave's Quantum Leap #2 - Freedom Of The Press review

The Fourth Estate

Another fine mess...

Sam leaps into a black man about to be executed for murdering his wife, and the white man he found her in bed with. Robert M. Ingersoll's script has Sam's quantum field disrupting the electric chair, causing it to malfunction. Sam, as Willie Jackson, is taken back to his cell, to wait on a stay of execution or another date. While waiting, Al and Ziggy try to figure out what Sam has to do to leap out.

It turns out that a colleague at the Cleveland Sentinel is in court for the trial of "Dr. Death". Ed Weslowski provided a source for a warrant that brought Dr. Parker Michaels to trial. Michael's defense challenges the warrant and the source. Without the source, Michaels will go free. When he does, Weslowski murders him and ends up being executed himself. Sam has to find a way for Ed to reveal his source, so Michaels will be convicted.

This is a cool ethical and moral story. A newspaper reporter relies on confidential sources. There's no way to reveal a source's identity. The way this adventure plays out, and resolves is pretty interesting.

Another great cover by C. Winston Taylor, with art by Rob Davis. A solid, four-star issue.