Writer: Steven Dorfman
Illustrator: Mark Jones & Andy Price
Lettering: Vickie Williams
Coloring: Scott Rockwell
Editor: George Broderick, Jr.
"THE $50,000 QUEST"

Volume No. 1

Issue No. 4

April 1992

Quantum Leap ™ & 1991 Universal City Studios, Inc




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August 15th, 1958
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sam leaps into a game show contestant... but he is being given the answers to this rigged quiz show! There is a dilemma: one of his opponents on the show will donate $25,000 to M.I.T. which will result in future research for a chip that controls Al's holographic image... but Ziggy doesn't know which contestant should win to make that happen! If Sam can't figure it out, Al will disappear and the good Dr. Beckett will be on his own. Can he make things right with the shady game show, his host's wife, and the future?

Personal note: This comic was especially well done and the art is wonderful. I really enjoyed it from cover to cover and they did a nice job writing and designing it!