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"THE $50,000 QUEST"

Volume No. 1

Issue No. 4

April 1992

Quantum Leap ™ & 1991 Universal City Studios, Inc


Steven Dorfman

Mark Jones & Andy Price
Vickie Williams

Scott Rockwell
George Broderick, Jr.

Excerpt from this issue


August 15th, 1958
New York City, New Yotk

Sam leaps into a game show contestant... but he is being given the answers to this rigged quiz show! There is a dilemma: one of his opponents on the show will donate $25,000 to M.I.T. which will result in future research for a chip that controls Al's holographic image... but Ziggy doesn't know which contestant should win to make that happen! If Sam can't figure it out, Al will disappear and the good Dr. Beckett will be on his own. Can he make things right with the shady game show, his host's wife, and the future?

Personal note: This comic was especially well done and the art is wonderful. I really enjoyed it from cover to cover and they did a nice job writing and designing it!

Summary by mshirley27

August 15, 1958 finds Sam leaping into game show contestant Dan Morgenstern. Dan is a contestant on The $50,000 Quest. It's also possible that Dan is part of a game show rigging scandal! Al and Ziggy believe that winnings from the game show must be donated to MIT for Sam to leap!

Sam/Dan meets future New York City Mayor Ed Koch. He and Al also see Twenty One contestant Charles Van Doren.

airdave's Quantum Leap #4 - The $50,000 Quest review

Beat The Clock

Ken Jennings is the highest-earning game show contestant of all time, winning seventy-four consecutive Jeopardy games in 2004. Sam Beckett admits that he was once a five-time Jeopardy champion.

Sam leaps into Dan Morgenstern, a contestant on The 50,000 Quest, August 15th, 1958. Like most Quantum Leap stories, Steven Dorfman's script is reminiscent of the film Quiz Show, directed by Robert Redford, starring Ralph Fiennes as Twenty-One contestant Charles Van Doren. Sam and Al happen to see Van Doren during this story. Van Doren was part of a conspiracy to rig a game show. Like Van Doren, Dan Morgenstern is given answers before his next appearances on The 50,000 Quest!

To leap, Sam must make sure that prize money from the game show is donated to MIT. He's also got to keep Dan out of trouble with the law, and maybe save his marriage. If he can manage it, Al would love an autograph from the lovely Diana...

This is the ideal Quantum Leap story. Sam in a pickle, with seemingly no way out! It's also a pretty decent history lesson.

Quantum Leap 4, The 50,000 Quest earns four stars for story, history and cameos.

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