IndyLeap Conventions
Airport Holiday Inn

IndyLeap '94
July 29-31, 1994
John D'Aquino

IndyLeap '96
July 12-14, 1996
John D'Aquino
Michael Stern
Rich Whiteside

IndyLeap '97
July 19, 1997

John D'Aquino
Daniel Roebuck
& Carol Davis



IndyLeap 1994 was held in Indianapolis on July 29-31. It had a registration limit of 100 attendees. John D'Aquino (Frank in "Jimmy," "Deliver Us from Evil") was scheduled as a special guest. To register for IndyLeap, send your check for $30, along with a stamped self-addressed envelope for con details to IndyLeap, P. O. Box 662, Greenfield, IN 46140. LeapLine phone: 317-SAM-0808 for current information.

IndyLeap 1996 was held July 12-14 at the Holiday Inn Airport in Indianapolis, IN. Early guest acceptances arrived from John D'Aquino (Jimmy, Deliver Us From Evil, Mirror Image), Michael Stern (QL editor), and Rich Whiteside (Vietnam, A Leap For Lisa).  To register for this Con, send your check for $35, payable to IndyLEAP, and a SASE, to Jeanne Koenig, IndyLEAP '96, P.O. Box 17411, Indianapolis, IN 46217. Let them know what kind of hotel room you need, and they'll be happy to make your reservations.

IndyLeap 1997 was held July 19, 1997 at the Holiday Inn Airport in Indianapolis, IN. Guests John D'Aquino (Jimmy, Deliver Us From Evil, Mirror Image) and Daniel Roebuck (The Play's The Thing) appeared.

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IndyLeap 1997 Part 1

John D'Aquino speaks with fans about his upcoming celebrity Turkey Hunt.
1 minute 57 seconds

IndyLeap 1997 Part 2

John chats with fans about how science-fiction is not so fiction anymore.
1 minute 59 seconds

IndyLeap 1997 Part 3

John D'Aquino introduces Daniel Roebuck to the group and talks about a reading with fans the next day from a script he had written.
2 minute 21 seconds


IndyLeap 1997 Part 4

Daniel Roebuck joins John and tells a humorous story about another production he was in.
2 minutes 12 seconds

IndyLeap 1997 Part 5

Daniel tells a story of getting punched while filming "The Dirty Dozen," which John was also in. Then John tells a homorous story where he fell on that set.
2 minutes 1 seconds


IndyLeap 1997 Part 6
John D'Aquino talks about a hospital visit where he was nearly burned up by an evil x-ray technician.
2 minutes 7 seconds

IndyLeap 1997 Part 7
John and Daniel talk about what's coming up next during the convention. Following this, John makes an appearance in a fans hotel room.
2 minutes 29 seconds

John and Dan pose with Carol Davis, QL novel author

John and Dan pose with Carol Davis, QL novel author