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Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: What are the Quantum Leap Fandom Awards?

A: The Quantum Leap Fandom Awards is an annual awards showcase by the fans, for the fans. All fans have equal ability to nominate the item that they think are the best in any category.

Q: How do I nominate a Web site, story, or other item?

A: That's easy! Just go to the Nominations section on this board and post your suggestion under the approriate category. For example, if you want to suggest "Gooshie's Web Site" for the Best Overall Web Site award, write a message under the "Best Overall Web Site" thread. You can even give a brief description if you wish.

Q: What kind of "items" are you talking about?

A: "Quantum Leap" fandom is majorly located on the Internet, spread over many countries. Since anybody with Internet access can view the nominees, nominated items are restricted to be online. Therefore, "items" are defined to be a fan Web site (or major sub-section of a Web site), a virtual series's Web site, a piece of artwork, a specific story (short or long), a music video, and so on. Just check out the Nomination section to see the various categories.

Q: How do nominees for the awards get chosen?

A: After the nomination period is finished, the awards committee will choose a selection of the nominees to be put up for voting. At that point, voting is open to anybody to choose, at maximum, one nominee for each category. Whichever gets the most votes from the fans will win the award.

Q: What will the winner of the award receive?

A: The satisfaction that the "Quantum Leap" community thinks that you are number one! You also will be able to post an image (if applicable) alongside the winning item to boast about your win.



The Quantum Leap Fandom Awards are managed by MikeKraken. Al's Place is only hosting a page for the awards to be shown. Voting and nominations for the awards are not influenced by this web site.


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Awards Index

Website Awards
Community Awards
Virtual Series / Fan-Fiction Awards
Miscellaneous Awards




Website Awards


Al's Place - A Quantum Leap Fan Site





Al's Place - A Quantum Leap Fan Site





Al's Place - A Quantum Leap Fan Site





Scott Talk





Scott Talk





The Official Dean Stockwell Appreciation Society




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Community Awards


Al's Place Online Community Message Board





theSassies Yahoo! Group




Scott Bakula Round Table




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Virtual Series/ Fan-Fiction Awards


Quantum Leap: The Virtual Seasons





Erik Dreiling






"My Sixth Sense"




"Too Smart For His Own Good"
Nicole Harpe




"Draft Dodger"
Tom Nicklis

(aired as episode 1229 on "Quantum Leap: The Virtual Seasons")




"Snow Job"
Nicole Harp





"Fall to Earth"
QL Tales




Nicole Harpe




Tom Beckett as the leaper in the Quantum Leap: The Virtual Seasons arc "The World without Sam Beckett":

"Sanctuary I" by Jennifer Rowland

"Sanctuary II" by Jennifer Rowland

"Draft Dodger" by Tom Nicklis

"On Dangerous Ground" by Mike Bloxam

"Un-American" by Helen Gerhard

"Preemptive Strike" by M. J. Cogburn, C. E. Krawiec, and Jennifer Rowland

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Miscellaneous Awards


Brian Greene





"Quantum Leap: The Complete Fifth Season" on DVD, Region 1 version




"Always by Your Side"




"Blind Faith"




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