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Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: What are the Quantum Leap Fandom Awards?

A: The Quantum Leap Fandom Awards is an annual awards showcase by the fans, for the fans. All fans have equal ability to nominate the item that they think are the best in any category.

Q: How do I nominate a Web site, story, or other item?

A: That's easy! Just go to the Nominations section on this board and post your suggestion under the approriate category. For example, if you want to suggest "Gooshie's Web Site" for the Best Overall Web Site award, write a message under the "Best Overall Web Site" thread. You can even give a brief description if you wish.

Q: What kind of "items" are you talking about?

A: "Quantum Leap" fandom is majorly located on the Internet, spread over many countries. Since anybody with Internet access can view the nominees, nominated items are restricted to be online. Therefore, "items" are defined to be a fan Web site (or major sub-section of a Web site), a virtual series's Web site, a piece of artwork, a specific story (short or long), a music video, and so on. Just check out the Nomination section to see the various categories.

Q: How do nominees for the awards get chosen?

A: After the nomination period is finished, the awards committee will choose a selection of the nominees to be put up for voting. At that point, voting is open to anybody to choose, at maximum, one nominee for each category. Whichever gets the most votes from the fans will win the award.

Q: What will the winner of the award receive?

A: The satisfaction that the "Quantum Leap" community thinks that you are number one! You also will be able to post an image (if applicable) alongside the winning item to boast about your win.



The Quantum Leap Fandom Awards are managed by MikeKraken. Al's Place is only hosting a page for the awards to be shown. Voting and nominations for the awards are not influenced by this web site.


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Website Awards
Community Awards
Virtual Series / Fan-Fiction Awards
Miscellaneous Awards




Website Awards


Al's Place - A Quantum Leap Fan Site
Apparently the destination for the majority of Leapers on the Internet, Al's Place has won its fourth award for being the best all-around QL-related Web site. Between the image galleries, the episode guide, the character resources, and much more, it's no wonder that Al's Place is so widely recognized.


Al's Place - A Quantum Leap Fan Site

With its wealth of media and links, Al's Place is definitely the source for anything that one needs to know about Quantum Leap.




The Leap Back 2009
With an excellent design and lots of information on the upcoming convention, this site easily takes the innovation award.




Scott Bakula Drawings
This year's winner is, again, a Scott Bakula Web site, focussing on hand-drawn images of the star from his appearances in various shows.



This site is chock-full of information on Scott - biography, theatre, film, photos, fan-fiction, and much more. Be sure to visit if you're a fan of Mr. Bakula!



Official Stockwell Appreciation Society
The Official Stockwell Appreciation Society Web site contains a wealth of information about Dean's current appearances, historical articles, quotes, and so much more. It is run by the Sassies, with much of the information coming from their mailing list.

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Community Awards


Al's Place Quantum Leap Online Community
The hub of all "Quantum Leap" talk on the Web, this message board is going strong with 224 active members (902 total). With continuous discussion, related to "Quantum Leap" as well as venturing into other topics, this board is a model community not just for QL but for the entire Internet.


theSassies Yahoo! Group
This Yahoo! Group of 56 members deserves its win. Calling themselves the Sassies (SAS = Stockwell Appreciation Society), this group of Stockwell fans talk about his film and TV appearances, as well as his other connections in Hollywood and beyond.


Scott Bakula Fan Forum
Scott Bakula Fan Forum just barely beat out Scott Bakula Round Table to take the title of best Scott Bakula community in 2007. Established on ezboard (now Yuku), the board has 435 registered members. They talk about all things Scott and always have the newest information about him. There is even a forum for those who have met him to talk about their encounter.

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Virtual Series/ Fan-Fiction Awards


Quantum Leap: The Virtual Seasons
Starting out in 1999 with a "virtual sixth season" and 18 episodes, Quantum Leap: The Virtual Seasons has grown by leaps (pun intended!) and bounds to a total of eight more seasons with at least 28 episode each, greatly expanding on the universe established by Donald P. Bellisario's original television series. It has many talented authors as varied as the series itself, all of whom have aided in the growth of this virtual series.

A.J. Burfield and M.J. Cogburn, the co-founders, have given the Quantum Leap community the perfect opportunity to feel as though the series has continued.


J. Moniz/Dulcinea1969
Although no story was mentioned alongside the nomination, J. Moniz has been steadily improving her writing skills with stories in a variety of settings.



"I Hope You Dance" by J. Moniz
In a story that takes place when Sam was but an infant, we watch Thelma talk to her two young sons.



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Miscellaneous Awards


Emma Fee & Brian Greene

Emma has worked innumerable hours in getting the the upcoming Leap Back 2009 convention off the ground.

Brian, who has also been heavily involved with getting Leap Back 2009 off the ground, is best known for hosting Al's Place.


"Quantum Leap: The Ultimate Collection" on DVD, Region 2 version
Finally, you can have every episode of Quantum Leap at your fingertips! With 27 discs, you can spend hours watching your favourite episodes.



"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by laurence01110
A video that you can laugh at for Sam's antics and sing along with for the familiar song by Cyndi Lauper, this one squeaked out above the others to take the top prize for the category.


"The Last Gunfighter" by Laurence
A pencil-sketch of Sam from the episode of the same name, Laurence has captured the essence of the old West flawlessly.



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