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angvav 11-17-2009 03:43 AM

Doco :)
My QL documentary is getting there slowly slowly :)

I am needing people to help if they can :)

Is there any way anyone could maybe record themselves with a digital camera and speak about QL if possible?

I have questions I will post soon.

I'd understand if people say no - but any help would be nice :)

tina_als_girl 11-17-2009 10:22 AM

I'm willing to help out. It just all depends on my schedule. I've only got about four weeks left in the semester, so homework is getting a bit intense.


alsplacebartender 11-17-2009 10:36 AM

Moving this to the General QL Discussion - it's not off-topic at all! :)

ohboy 11-17-2009 02:51 PM

As I've said before, I don't own any of that technology, but I would love to watch your video.

angvav 11-17-2009 07:22 PM

Everyone - I do have some short videos on myspace.

Click on videos to see them ok.

I'll post more up soon.

Thanks Brian for moving this topic over - I thought it was off topic.

Thanks Joy :)

Ohboy - maybe you could look at my videos on myspace and see what you think?

I have some questions I'll post up soon - so everyone can see what I am wishing for you to say for my doco :)

angvav 11-18-2009 06:14 AM

So far my doco will be named - "I'm A Leaper"

Here are some questions I am using in it:

- What are your feelings about Quantum Leap?

- What does Quantum Leap mean to you?

- Why do you watch it?

- Who is your favorite character/s and why?

- What would you feel if QL were to be remade for TV?

- What world events would you have liked to see Sam leap to?

- Did the show need the "evil leapers"?

- What is the story behind the "B*****man" episode?

Any idea's whatsoever in regards to this doco I'm making would be greatly appreciated :)

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