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Samuel Beckett 05-14-2012 02:32 AM

Oh boy.
Hi, my name is Billy and I am a new fan of Quantum Leap. I found out about the show when the Source Code first came out and people kept comparing it to the show. I never got around to watching the show until January, so here am I.

I'm looking forward to interacting with some other QT fans, but I'm a llittle disappointed I'm a few years too late for the virtual seasons, being a writer myself. Anyways, as long there are people still here, can't wait to meet you guys. >D

StrayStar 05-26-2012 05:44 AM

Welcome, Samuel Beckett! We're happy to have a new fan among us. I'm rather new in this "business" myself, having discovered and fallen in love with QL almost 2 years ago.

Make yourself comfortable and feel free to share your views with us. ;)

Oh, and your avatar is one of my favorite images of Sam! :D

Trinity 05-28-2012 11:30 PM

Welcome! I too, sadly, missed the good stuff connected to the show :(
Can't wait to talk more with you :)

alsplacebartender 06-01-2012 11:12 PM

Welcome new Leaper!

leaper1 06-10-2012 09:29 AM

Sorry to be so tardy with my welcome - real life has kept me from my usual net browsing for a while.
Welcome a-board!

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