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samnal 10-03-2013 06:12 PM

Wizard of Oz - casting??
Just for fun, I was thinking who would Scott play if they 're-cast' the Wizard of Oz? Personally, even thinking about anyone replacing Judy or any of the others makes me pretty ill, but I was looking at these absolutely cute little toys I have on my desk at work-Mc Donalds is doing them justice.
After a great deal of thought, none of it at work, which is a pretty nutty place, I think Scott would make a Wonderful Tin Man. He has the dance steps, the lovely voice ... I just think about this and get all mush.
Happy Birthday Scott!!

Sam Beckett Fan 10-03-2013 06:29 PM

Well it would be quite unbelievable if Sam Beckett starting singing "If I only had a brain" :roflmao:

And Dean has a great booming voice for the Wizard. Not to mention the wizard appears via holographic projection...HA!

samnal 10-09-2013 06:48 PM

Oh that'a a GREAT idea-Dean as the Wizard. The Tin Man is a romantic figure, longing for love and happiness. Scott is so lovable. I just got the Wizard of Oz figures from McDonalds and the tin man is my favorite.

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