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Sam Beckett Fan 01-27-2008 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by jmoniz
No, they weren't. When Sam "rises to the occassion" and Miller's reflection is seen in the mirror, his pants end where his legs do.

I will give that this is a bit of bad writing since Sam never did roll up the cuffs. Either his pants should have been visible when he stood (because otherwise it looks like they just "disappear" above his knee) or, if they wanted it plainly obvious that Miller had no legs, the pants should have been rolled up. That aside, everyone around Sam didn't see the pant legs hanging empty.

Yeah exactly my point. The mirror image in the "Rise to the Occasion" scene makes no sense since Sam did not roll up his cuffs and thus he should have for that reason and because his pants would be weirdly hanging there to those around him.

qlbmm 05-28-2012 01:16 PM

I loved this episode
This is one of my favorite episodes, even though I love all of them :)


Markymarc8 08-11-2017 01:08 AM


Originally Posted by JuliaM (Post 34659)
A review does not always have to be the negative neither is criticism always negative either. Perhaps that's where people are getting lost. It's that you seldom bring up anything that you liked about an episode so it gives the illussion that you don't like the series.

You're right, not every episode is perfect. There are flaws in the series. I don't think anyone ever said that there wasn't.

Flaws? What flaws?

Sam Beckett Fan 03-23-2021 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by cookiemom6067 (Post 31871)

It seemed a little sloppy to me that Al (or Ziggy) didn't check the mother's name, honestly.

I believe I've noticed a pattern in Al's behavior in regards to marriages.

I just watched 'Runaway' on Comet and noticed that Al makes a similar assumption of the wife and mother of that episode, Emma, as he did here.

A wife and mother disappeared and he judged the circumstances, she was having marital problems and enjoying the company of another man to draw his own conclusion that she left her family for this other man rather than conducting a thorough search of the records.
It's established that the records left no room for speculation as at the last minute he does find a clear record, albiet about 30 years later, of Emma's remains having been found at the location of her disappearance and identified.

Sam unviels that Al projected his own mother who abandoned him onto Emma.

In this case, the leapee is married and is destined to have a child that lives will depend on but instead of considering a second marriage once again Al is selective with the records and judges the circumstances. Thus focusing on the current marriage despite the clear strain.
Here he could be idealizing his mother but given that the leapee is a Vietnam veteran I believe he was subconciously projecting Beth onto Julie.

I wouldn't call it "sloppy" persay, Al seems to be baised when it comes to marriages which I feel falls more under 'incompetent'.

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