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John64 06-10-2019 12:22 PM

Quantum leap meets terminator
This is just a fun idea I came up with just to explore the idea of "what if" the quantum leap universe was in the same universe as the terminator.

I don't mean for fans to take this idea too seriously so it's just for fun enjoy.

Please be aware this story is still being written by me at the moment and I will upload more parts to the story when I have written them.

Part 1

Sam leaping through time in a wash of blue leap energy and light and like all always sam landed in his new time and place.

when the leap finally faded away. He found himself looking through night vision goggles and he could see am impossible war. Machines where fighting humans Lazer fire was flying through the air.

Sam looked at the war in aww and said "oh boy!"

Meanwhile in a sky net bunker a automated voice says

"T 101 online" the terminator factory doors open and a Arnold model steps out with red eyes glowing fully skined terminator.

His red screen vision says

"new mission files updated"

"Proceed to time displacement chamber."

So the naked Arnold walks slowly towards the time machine. The time machine is turned on and sky net uploads the time information of where the terminator is going to into the time machine program.

The round plate inside the time machine raises a little and a metal bridge is lowered for the terminator to walk into the machine.

As soon as the bridge is lowered He walks across into the machine he stands boldly in the center of the time displacement chamber.

Arnold then couches down and then the plate he is standing on slowly raises up into the air and electrical energy starts to build up around the T101 and very quickly the temporal ball surrounds him and with an amazing bright light the ball including the terminator disappears into time.....

New Mexico desert 1999

Near a freeway and near a bar electrical energy starts to appear and hits the ground like a lightning storm and wind starts blowing every where blowing rubbish after a few minutes a ball of energy appears in open desert and after a few minutes the ball fades away like magic the terminator slowly arises with smoke every where around him the terminator walks to the near by road he looks up at the night sky and his red vision screen behind his eyes looks at the stars and says crossing his vision.

"new Mexico desert 1999 comfrimed proceed....."

Arnold immediately walks to the near by bar that has a few mortor cycles outside he enters the bar and after a few minutes from entering the public place gun fire is heard and a few people are thrown out of the windows of the bar hitting themselves on the street unconscious being mortality wounded. And as they pass through the window the glass smashes to pieces every where.

The terminator steps out of the bar in leathers and is wearing a black jacket and black sunglasses he walks to one of the motor cycles gets on the bike and starts the engine and immediately starts to drive off down the freeway road ready to start his mission...

In his red screen vision it says

"proceed and find project quantum leap"...........

End of part 1

John64 06-10-2019 03:51 PM

Part 2

The terminator rides his bike off road and drives towards the quantum leap mountain driving across the desert in a direct line the mountain in the distance that is glowing blue and just like Sam's leaping it self it looked like the mountain was being washed over all the time with quantum leap energy all over.

The reflection of the mountain showed on the terminators sun glasses as he drove at top speed towards project quantum leap.

Not long after this the motor cycle pulls up into the parking lot of the project the machine gets off his bike and starts to walk towards the main doors.

CCTV cameras picks up the T101 and the agents watch the screens showing the footage coming from the outside CCTV cameras closely wondering who this new stranger truly was.

As the T101 was about to open the main doors officers come out and the machine just stands there looking at the officers closely in front of him waiting for there response.

The officers say to the machine

"can we help you? Can we see your ID please?"

His head moved like a CCTV camera and replies to the men. Like a machine.

"no.... Here's my ID"

The terminator takes out a shotgun and shots both of them in the chest they fly crashing through the main doors as the gun fire shots them at point blank range.

He steps over their dead bodies and a alarm starts to rings out in the project. An open wide emergency alarm rings out.

The machine walks down the hall way with super confidence and as each officer comes out to face the killer the machine kills each one coldy and fast aiming his weapon and open firing and stepping over there bodies as they fall down one after the other.

Al in the main control room starts to hear the alarm ring out and he says to the head programmer.

"what's going on?"

The programmer replies

"admiral we have an emergency" looking on a hear by computer

" an intruder has entered the base admiral we don't know who he is but he seems to be killing officers and everyone one after the other we have to call the army at once."

"AL says we can't remember project quantum leap is top serect we can't involve other agents all we can do is try and get out of here a live and run."

The programmer nods and

Says "but what about Sam? We can't just leave him trapped in the past."

Al replies "theres nothing we can do for him now we will have to try and help him later we need to save ourselves first so we can help save later."

Without even thinking Al hits a red button on the wall and a automated voice says

"alert, alert code 1 base under attack use emergency exits at once." and starts to repeat the message.

As AL turns around trying to head for the exit the terminator enters the room clearly looking like he has been in the wars with bullet marks all over his body showing silver.

Al stopping dead in his tracks and says to the stranger

"who are you?"

The terminator takes out a machine gun and opens fire killing both AL and the head programmer and everyone in the room.

After the gun fire smoke gently raises from the gun barrels.

And More army personnel enters the room and like before he shots them to the ground not one being a good match for the T101.

The Arnold mobel heads for the waiting room and shots the door clear off its hinges and enters the blue room of the room.

The red screen vision looks and scans Sam in the room.

His body is scanned and a match read out appears across his vision it reads.

Dr Sam beckett....match
Terminate Dr Sam beckett!......

Sam gets up from the chair he was sat in and with the John Connor personner in his body he trys to run away from the cyborg but it's too late and Arnold opens fire and Sam hits the ground dead....

The machine sees across his vision...

Dr Sam beckett terminated

Mission complete.....

The cyborg leaves the building and gets back on his motorcycle and pulls up his shirt and jacket he shows his chest he takes a knife out from his jacket pocket and starts cutting into his chest with the knife after cutting deep in the tissue he takes and rips off his chest mid section showing his machine combat system underneath.

The chest compartment suddenly opens showing two off his fuel cells he takes one out of his chest and the compartment closes again automatically hiding the remaining fuel cell he starts to ride his motorcycle pulling away from the car park and the project and he throws the fuel cell behind him causing it to explode and the whole project goes up in a mushroom cloud and the terminator rides his bike at top speed to avoid the shock wave.

Meanwhile back in the future in the war between the humans against the machines.

Sam walks into a army briefing room and a tech comm says to Sam.

"John we have just been informed sky net has used its temporal weapon and has sent another terminator into time the purpose we are not sure yet but what we do know is we need to send a protecter at once to go after him."

Suddenly Sam's mind starts to slowly merge with John Connors mind and he says to the tech comm

" OK let's capture a terminator.... "

End of part 2

John64 06-10-2019 10:09 PM

Part 3

Sam picks up a capture gun from the gun stores and suddenly he starts to flicker in and out of reality blue light covers him quantum leap light from every part of his body shines then a second later fades away fast. One of the tech com's say

"it must be the terminator who's traveled into the passed he must of effected you some how at the moment the effects of the past are slowly affecting the here and now. At the moment John your in a state of temporal grace we must hurry."

"Sam says I think am dead he killed me in the past."

The tech comm says " the situation is more serious than we originally believed OK let's more out!"

A small team of human tech comms start hunting for a terminator that they can reprogram and send back into the past.

They move out and go into a nearby sky net building where recent reports told them of a sighting of a Arnold terminator.

all the fighter's enter the building looking through their night vision goggles and a red Lazer beem shines from there helmets and shines on the wall like a red dot.

One fighter clocks a terminator Arnold model he is wearing a tech comm uniform. The fighter starts to shoot the capture gun at the T101 EMP rods shoot out of the gun and hits the machine squarely in the chest. Electrical energy starts to spark all over his chest he trys to move but is slowly malfunctioning. His vision starts to go funny and flicker as he trys to regain control.

He aims for the fighter and shots back with his Laser gun he misses and then the human fighter takes a hit.

He falls back behind a piller to try and recover his body armor protecting the human fighter.

The terminator still malfunctioning does a scan mode and looks pointing his gun ready to shot again.

another blast of EMP rods hit the terminator from the capture gun from an another officer just entering the room. Then officer after officer enters the room one after another firing at the terminator until his is overwhelmed and after being so over powered he falls to the floor a chest full of EMP rods over powering his system his red eyes go out.

Sam and the rest of the human fighters lift the machine and takes him back to HQ after laying him down on a bed and linking him up to there computer their computer technical support officer trys to reprogram him.

The computer programmer says to

"this is always a risky business if we get the programming wrong he can always turn on us and kill us all or his programming can go corrupt and can go haywire and then his is no good to anyone"

Sam looking like John replys

"just try your best"

He nods and hacks into the CPU and says OK got it what's his new mission going to be? "

" Sam says his mission is to travel back in time and terminate the terminator that was sent by sky net and to protect me "

The tech com nods and types protect John Connor.

Suddenly Sam says" no type in Dr Sam beckett "

The officer looking confused says

" OK who is that guy anyway "

" I think that's sky net's new target he must not die you got that"

"OK, OK how do you know sky nets going after this Dr beckett guy anyway?"

"I am starting to have new memories of the terminator killing me... Sorry I mean him"

"OK" the officer presses enter on the keyboard and on screen on the computer they are using to connect with the terminator it says.

"new mission files up dated.....CPU

Mission to travel back in time and terminate the T101 sent by sky net and protect Dr Sam beckett......

The terminators eyes glow red and he sits up from his bed and they disconnect him from the computer and the officer says to the T101 "do you know what your new mission is? "

He replys "yes to travel back in time and protect Dr Sam beckett"

Both Sam and the officer smiles listening to the machine.

The officer says "does sky net knows you have been reprogrammed?"

He replies "yes they will attempt to terminate me I must get to the sky net bunker."

The T101 stands up takes a gun from the near by gun stores and starts to walk towards the exit of the building. Sam follows him while the officer says to both of them.

"good luck your going to need it"

Both Sam and the terminator jump onto a helicopter and the air craft takes off immediately heading straight for the sky net bunker the T101 takes a machine gun from inside the plane and puts it out of one of the doors of the aircraft looking for any sky net HKs (hunter killers) as they fly through the air.

As they fly through the air Sam could see all the remains of buildings and cars from the recent past covering the battle field and says to himself "how did we get into this awful situation?"

The T101 replys "humans are destined to destroy your selfs"

Sam thought about that remark for a moment and they spent the rest of the journey in silence.

With out any major issues the helicopter lands and both Sam and the terminator jumps out of the aircraft and they slip into the sky net bunker the terminator leads the way and he shoots all the terminators as they pass in the corridor.

And finally they arrive at the time displacement chamber and Sam checks the computer terminal and is surprised to find that sky net sent a terminator to new Mexico in 1999.

He says to the Arnold terminator

"OK you are going back to New Mexico 1999 to protect me Dr Sam beckett and protect project quantum leap do you understand have you got that."

The machine nods and says "yes" Sam sets the time machine for the same location as the previous terminator. The terminator gets undressed and steps into the time displacement chamber and Sam says to Arnold "good luck my life is now in your hands."

He presses the green button and the machine crouchs down on the plate in the center of the time machine and a energy bubble forms around the T101 and after a lot of electrical energy is genarated the terminator disappears into time....

End of part 3

John64 06-11-2019 01:42 PM

Part 4

Meanwhile the terminator that was successful in destroying project quantum leap drives up to a no longer dis continued army base he shoots the lock of the main gate that protects the compound with his hand gun and leaves his motorcycle outside and walks through the main gates and breaks into the base by kicking the door down in the future this base is one of sky nets terminator factorys. The terminator knows this and walks over into the power room and rewires the power supply and energy flows back through the building and the base.

After resorting the power he leaves the room and comes to two big blasts doors army grade doors he presses the door control and the two main doors opens slowly with an alarm ringing in his ears from a far.

The terminator walks into the room where he finds himself in a empty hanger bay he closes the blast doors again and after doing so the alarm dies off and he stands in the center of the room looking at the main blast doors and he turns on his internal power supply stand by mode.

His red screen vision says.

Stand by mode on.......

Deactivate T101......

Reactivate on day of judgement day for

Skynet to reobtain model and update T101 with new mission commands.....


And suddenly his screen turns off like a computer screen being switched off from the mains and the terminator's red eyes fades off and turns off completely the terminator stands in the middle of the room successful standing their like a statue waiting for judgment day to occur.

New Mexico 1999 (again)

Suddenly bright light appears out of no where and a lightning storm builds up and hits the ground a time ball appears and after it fades away the terminator arises out of the ball and walks up to the nearby freeway and looks up into the night sky.

The terminator calculates he has landed a week before the original terminator is due to land at the same place. Project quantum leap is still out there safe and sound for the moment and at that very same moment a motorcycle drives down the road the terminator stands in the middle of the road stopping the oncoming driver the driver stops takes his helmet off and shouts.

"what the hell are you doing buddy! And wheres your clothes too?"

The T101 says to the driver

"your clothes give them to me.... Now!"

The driver shanks his head and replys

"no way matey"

The terminator pushes him off his bike and takes his clothes off and then grabs the poor guy and knocks his head against the bike the driver falling into unconscious laying on the road for all to see.

After Arnold is suited and booted he leaves the unfortunate in the middle of the road he gets onto the bike and drives down the road dressed in leathers and wearing black sunglasses heading into the near by city.

A week later in the same desert.

A lightning flash appears and a storm starts to builds up as if out of nowhere and after a lot of wind is felt an energy ball appears out of thin air and the original terminator appears and stands up naked. He looks left to right and steps out of the desert walking to the near by road where a man suddenly starts walking towards the new terminator and says

"don't think about obtaining any clothes you don't need them."

The naked terminator scans the other fully clothed terminator and in his red screen vision it scans the T101 and it says on his system.

Reprogrammed terminator T101....

Terminate....... At once.......

The naked terminator runs towards the other and at that very same moment the other Arnold model fires a cable gun at the Skynet terminator and it hits him squarly in the chest his system is immediately flooded with electricity, electricity sparks hit all over his body and his system overloads and burns out his CPU of the terminator he falls to the ground terminated.......

The protecter lifts up the Skynet mobel and puts him in the back of his truck and gets into the driver's sit and drives off down the road heading towards a hot steel factory.

After arriving he lifts the terminator out of the back of the truck and carrys him on his shoulder and walks into the factory, factory workers wearing high viability jackets walks towards the stranger and say to him.

"you can't be here get out this factory isn't open to the public."

The machine takes a gun from his jacket pocket aims the weapon into the air and let's out a few rounds all the workers start to flee running for their lives.

The machine with unshanken confidence gets to where the hot steel is and throws the terminator into the hot steel and it starts to melt destroying the terminator once and for all.

As the protecter is leaving the factory another Arnold terminator runs towards him and then they both grab each other in a tactal and the new mobel says

"you didn't think it was going to be that easy now did you."

The protector pulls the other towards him head butts him a few times and throws him to the ground. The Skynet model gets up and runs towards him grabs the protector and with a pull and a throw, throws the terminator towards his car. He hits the top of the vehicle and he rips through the car like it's made out of tin. But being very lucky he picks up the cable gun from the truck that he made from many different gun parts. Quickly gets out of the smashed up vehicle recharges the gun by pressing a button on its side of the weapon aims the weapon and fires the cable into the chest of the new terminator it overloads and his system shuts down like the other model and like before Arnold immediately picks up the terminator and throws him into the hot steel too with the terminator melting into nothing.

The terminator walks out of the factory looking a bit badly beaten up but now the time line has changed project quantum leap is safe and everyone who was killed by the original terminator is now safe and sound.

It says on the red screen of the terminators internal system.

Save project quantum leap successful.....

And save Dr Sam beckett.....

Mission completed.......

Back in the future the moment the terminator destroyed the second terminator in the hot steel.

Sam was with the human tech comms and they were celebrating sky nets centeral computer being destroyed all the terminators had fallen to the ground and was no longer working he discovered that Skynet had learnt that the human race created a time machine in the past and wanted to take it out as quickly as possible that's why him and the project itself became a quick target for Skynet and while everyone was celebrating Sam knew within himself that the terminator was successful in his mission and in that very same moment of reflection he was over come by blue quantum leap energy and Sam leaps into time.....

After Sam was feeling like he was flying through the air and time suddenly a overwhelming feeling came over him and he started to land in his new place and time as Sam leaped in he found himself as a pit fighter and the crowd was going wild and the announcer said

"fight round 1!"

And the other fighter goes for Sam and Sam quickly says

"oh boy!"

The end

Meanwhile the terminator stays in New Mexico 1999 and from a far keeps a eye on project quantum leap and makes sures through out the years the project Stays safe from harm and as soon as judgement day hits the world the terminator looking very old and a lot different from how he used to look goes back to John Connor as soon as Sam leaps out of John the T101 spends the rest of his time protecting John Connor in the war between the machines.

John64 05-26-2020 05:36 PM

Quantum leap book cover
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Hi here is a book cover I have designed
For this story please click the link below to
View it.

Many thanks from John

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